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APP’s That Boost Your Smart Home Technology Experience

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Just like every great achievement in human history, people have envisioned the idea of Smart Homes for ages, and now it is no longer an idea, it is a reality. What was once considered futuristic and highly impracticable, smart home technology has now emerged as the new wave of convenient living. Also, it no longer limited to the elite class only.

Just like we have apps for almost every possible need, a wide range of apps for smart homes have also surfaced. These apps have opened many new possibilities for smart home technology. Right from controlling the temperature in the room to open the window curtains, changing the mood of the home to the way you maintain your lawn, everything is now automated with the help of these apps. Here are a few trending smart-home apps:

1. Stringify

Smart home technology is designed to make your life easier, but at times managing dozens of different devices can become a hassle. Stringify is a platform that brings together all the individual components and shows them how to work together. With the help of Stringify, you can connect all your popular apps and smart devices, e.g. social media, Google, hue etc. and create “flows” to set home automation for entire day. You can turn off lights, change the room temperature, set reminders and so on without even lifting a finger.


Like Stringify, SmartThings also helps you to connect all your smart home devices, doesn’t matter if you have two or two hundred, into one little convenient hub. All you have to do is tell the app what you want to do and the app will communicate the actions with the hub; the hub tells the devices what to do. SmartThings include sensors that can be sticked anywhere in the home –couch, doors, windows etc. These sensors cab be programmed to perform specific actions with the help of your smart devices, like sending a text to you in case there is a gas leakage or sending a video alert if your main door is open.


Loxone is a powerful smart home platform, which combines all your smart home technology into one place and keeps it neat and tidy. The app is really easy to use and navigate, which helps you to get the most out of your smart home technology. You can view and change the setting of every room in the house by going into Room Mode and do a lot of other stuff with the help of Loxone.


Muzzley integrates all the smart technology into one management platform. The best part about Muzzley is its algorithm feature that makes suggestions suited to your lifestyle based on behaviour patterns.


IFTTT app lets you automate your smart home with just a few taps. You can create your own logical flows, or recipes as called by the app, to help make life easier at every step. For example – you can set in IFTTT, that if you’re tagged in a Facebook post, then your hue light should flash blue.


Turning on your Air conditioner is not really a difficult task, is it? But with Thington even that becomes a lot easier. It connects all your devices in seconds and gives you one central location to manage all of them; in fact it offers suggestions for improved performances.

In case you live in Smart Home and not using any of these apps then you are losing out on a whole lot of good stuff. So, just don’t wait, go ahead and try these apps.

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