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Tiger-Stone revolutionizes road construction process




Constructing a new road is always a hard and strenuous procedure, taking up days at a stretch to complete. However, thanks to the designs of a Dutch inventor, the process of paving a new road has become as simple as ever.

Aptly termed as the ‘Tiger-Stone’, the fascinating machine has the capability of laying out bricks in a formation for perfect paving, thereby creating instant roads wherever it travels. Though the entire process looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie, the trade secret behind the invention exists in a smartly-designed gravity-based system.


The only thing a worker has to do is to load the bricks from a hopper into the machine in the required pattern. After that, gravity works in favour of the machine as it cause the bricks to slide together, paving itself into the ground as the machine slowly moves along. Once the bricks have been laid, a contractor simply has to go over the new road surface with a tamper.

Due to their durability and attractive nature, bricks roads have been sought out for a long time. However, they have become less common as the labour required for the process tends to get intense as compared to other road surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

With a Tiger-Stone machine, construction workers can lay out atat least00 square metres of road on a daily basis as compared to a single conventional paver which could only manage 75 to 100 meters daily.

The director of Dutch industrial company Vanku, i.e. Henk van Kujik, came up with the ground breaking invention after figuring that laying out bricks by hand was too much hard work.

The machine is electronically-powered, coming along in four, five and six-metre widths.



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