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Pokhran Road 2, The Malabar Hills of Thane






Though the metropolitan city of Thane is situated at a considerable distance from the suburbs of Mumbai, it can still be noted as one of the fastest developing regions present within the state of Maharashtra. However, there are many who still approach the city with a certain sense of doubt, especially in regard to the city’s very own Pokhran Road No 2. In fact, Pokhran Road No 2 has emerged as a hub of activity, attracting visitors from all across the state to come and purchase property within the region, particularly within Tata Housing’s project Serein. Owing to the reputation it has earned, it has been dubbed as the “Malabar Hill of Thane”.

Upvan Lake

But what is so special about Pokhran Road No 2 that makes it worth purchasing a home at, especially in Tata Housing’s Serein? The following pointers will help in clearing all doubts out.

1.Pace of Development

As stated before, Thane has been noted as one of the fastest developing regions present within the state of Maharashtra. The area surrounding Pokhran Road No 2 has observed a steady yet increasing pace of commercial development, evident by the rise of malls and multiplexes around the region. Along with that, respectable schools and hospitals are within easy reach of any resident currently occupying a home around the area. The expansions made to Pokhran Road No 2 can give an individual a feeling of living amidst affluence, thereby boosting their quality of life.

2.Surrounded by Nature

Yeoor hills

Pokhran Road is situated in close proximity to the magnificent hill view of the Yeoor Hills along with the smooth flowing waters of the Upvan Lake. With a home in Tata Housing’s Serein located at such a serene location, one would be surrounded by greenery from all sides, bringing them one step closer to Mother Nature.


No matter the distance at which Pokhran Road No 2 is located from the jazzy locations of Mumbai, the area has easy access to the Eastern Express Highway, connecting to several other regions such as Thane city and Borivali. Along with that, there are bus services that connect to the main travel stations of the area, ensuring the safety & security of every individual who takes on a journey.

At Tata Housing’s Serein, all the above-mentioned points and more are guaranteed to any person willing to make the decision to move to Pokhran Road No 2. Standing as the Malabar Hill of Thane, wellness at Serein is absolutely assured with Tata Housing creating homes that make a legacy.

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