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Real-estate firms open the door to technology start-ups



technology startups


Real estate companies are starting to seek the help of technology start-ups in a bid to save costs as they face meek to zero interest in projects due to demonetization.

Brigade Group, as a part of its Real Estate Accelerator Programme (REAP), is taking technological help from five start-ups, ranging from ‘smart’ parking sensor tech to drones for capturing images.

Some of the reasons cited by real estate companies have to do with lack of differentiation, massive project delays and labour-related issues, in addition to the demonetization effect and the upcoming Good and Services Tax.

“Ninety per cent of the projects are getting delayed and 80 per cent of them are overshooting the budget,” said Nirupa Shankar, Director of Brigade REAP.

This, coupled with lack of improvement in labour productivity, has compounded the problems, added Adarsh Narahari, Managing Director, Mantri Primus Lifespaces.

With the demonetization adversely affecting the sector, players are now openly talking about these concerns.

Tech talent

They also seem to have recognized that they have no access to tech talent. With lack of quality manpower, time is lost on processes such as excavation (ascertaining whether there are rocks below the surface). “Use of satellite imaging and digital mapping will help companies understand various parameters,” according to Shankar.

REAP is working on ways to use drone sensor data and aerial images to improve mining and site planning, wherein a start-up can provide data that can be analyzed to make quicker decisions. The firm, however, did not get into specifics.

Capturing data, storing them and over time analyzing various aspects, such as predicting the quality of construction in certain floors, are some areas in which realty firms are seeking start-up help, said Bimal Hegde, CEO, Chartered Housing.

Catching up

“At this juncture, as well as in the foreseeable future, these companies have to take help of technology in their outreach to consumers and to enhance operational efficiencies; otherwise, they will be left behind,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, founder of advisory firm Greyhound Research.

Smart cities

Part of the lure for realty companies to jump onto the tech bandwagon is the government’s Smart City initiative.

For example, PParkE is a start-up which has developed an app using which a motorist can see real-time parking information and reserve parking space. According to founder Shampa Ganguly, PParkE is being used in Jaipur Development Authority’s Smart City project.

Realty firms believe tech adoption can speed up the smart cities vision.

Other areas include a labour force management platform that could offer a single-window payment system to construction workers, a database of people in the construction industry, and water management technologies.

Source: thehindubusinessline


In The League Of Its Own? Transported Is Making Waves In The VR Property Marketing Segment



Transported VR Real Estate

With the ease in which it could be played on most headsets, there is another player waiting in the wings in the property marketing segment.

Transported is a unique platform where the home tours could be created and customized in 3D.  The feasibility of the platform is such that it doesn’t take more than an hour to install it. It’s not browser specific and could run across various browsers and is also mobile optimized. Since VR technology is here to stay and is also one of the most engaging platforms, Transported has left no stone unturned with respect to optimizing its features. With Room Teleporting, no hardware upsell, crisp sound enhancements and easy website page embeds; it gives its customers the first-hand experience on the feel of their new home.

According to the company, Transported tours do not take much time to create, it can take as little as 24 minutes to make the scenario after finalizing the details. They can be built on any operating system ranging from Macs to PCs, and agents can showcase their tour collection of the room on their profile pages.

The potential customers can check the tours on VR instruments such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and the Samsung Gear VR. As far as non-immersive VR are concerned tours can be experienced on dedicated tour webpages and mobile devices.

Transported is an effective entry into VR home tour market segment. The software that it uses are very easy to operate and very interactive in nature. It does give sci-fi interface from the get-go, which allows its users to select distinct properties tour by “tapping” information cards in the headset display.

It’s an ideal feature that makes Transported such a good buy for static showrooms and retail offices and also offers various listings to the buyers.

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Aparna Construction Excels The Market With Its Digital Makeover



Aparna Construction

A leading real estate developer from Hyderabad, Aparna Constructions & Estates started its operations in 1996. Since then it is known for completing and delivering 36 projects comprising of fully-integrated gated community villas, residential plot projects, premium apartments, commercial projects, spread across 18 million square feet.

Aparna Constructions started its new website as the focal point of its renewed digital strategy. Aparna Constructions has joined hands with Hyderabad’s leading digital marketing firm, GenY Medium. This revamping of brand’s web property has recorded at least twice the amount of organic traffic since then and a steeper spike in the number of digital enquiries.

Putting the customers first, has always been the thought and vision of Aparna Constructions, which has been kept well in alignment with this digital initiative. Nowadays, a website has a critical role in establishing the brand’s identity as well as generating leads, and this could be very fruitful in the real estate sector. As the website is a digital interface, which can become an important touch point with the consumers. An efficient use of the website can enable the organic customer acquisition in a way that it becomes a key channel for lead generation, hence GenY Medium’s holistic approach towards digital marketing, cements the core strengths in consumer understanding and technology.

Being a technology enabled digital marketing company, GenY Medium operates out of Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Since its inception in 2012, the company has grown into a 100+ people company and has created proprietary technologies that revolutionize digital marketing.

On their collaboration with the GenY Medium, Aparna Constructions elaborates on the need of a digital platform for its multiple projects in different cities and locations. This website provide the users with a wide range of choices, in a mobile friendly way, by providing each user with a personalized web experience.

A deep research exercise was conducted by the Aparna Constructions’ business teams and the GenY Medium’s team, to understand the unique consumers’ mind-set and adopting to the most suitable technology. With its ability to personalize content, supplemented with marketing automation tools, the Oracle platform along with its suite of products, turned out to be an optimum choice.

Aparna Constructions believes that with this kind of technological interventions, their website has set a high standard in real estate segment. Each user is provided with a customized web experience based on geographical mapping by the implementation of Oracle Maxymizer. The next step in line is the integration of an automation tools like Eloqua, which is perfect for lead nurturing through emails. Eventually resulting into a more immersive, personalized web experience. The effect of this new venture has already started happening as the mobile users are spending more time on the website.

Aparna Constructions aims to carry forward the momentum gained from the new website to all other aspects of digital platform, with an aim of reaching the right consumer and communicating in a personalized and engaging manner.

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Insomniacs Gives A New Approach To ‘Approach One’



Insomniacs Give A New Approach To Approach One

The online media is known for wittiest lines and brilliant campaigns. The Approach One’s new campaign once again proves that agencies love this medium and they let their creative juices flow. The real estate lead management system and marketing software company introduced a quirky and refreshing campaign.

In tune with the company’s theme, a series of bright yellow creatives with bold white text definitely caught people’s attention on social and digital platforms. One copy read – ‘Mr. Garden nahi Mr. Gordon! Stop apologizing. Start improvising. Introducing new age lead management system’. It presses the nerves of the customer calling executives as well as the customers who never want to be addressed incorrectly, leave alone getting their name incorrect.

Approach One

The copy also includes old Bollywood songs and some cult dialogues which not only make you smile but drive the message home. Ads like ‘Tumhare haath mein pura CRM system ho…saari jannatein tumhare pass ho’ or ‘Data ne tumhe chaaron taraf se gher lia hai’.

The ads have been conceptualized by the awarding winning digital agency Insomniacs. Explaining the objective of the campaign, Montu Achoriwala, Creative Head at Insomniacs said, “The idea was to introduce people to this marketing software and inform them of everything that it can do; all the while keeping it fun and interesting. The software has been built by real estate industry experts and so the customers need to understand how their daily hassles can be nullified with Approach One”.

He added, “We convinced the client to take an adventurous step and do this campaign. Software marketing is a serious business with serious promotion but Approach One saw how this campaign would give them the desired attention”.

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