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UAE-INDIA At The Smart Summit Of Realty



UAE-INDIA At The Smart Summit Of Realty

The bigger picture got SMARTER, as Indian real estate sector transcended nations, taking the investment avenues to the world stage. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) held its first international exhibition of Indian properties in Dubai. This Indian Property Show became the platform where the affluent NRI’s in UAE were showcased the prime Indian properties. The show catered to the dreams of the NRIs, about 2.6 million of them, to own a property back in India.


This internationally acclaimed Indian Property Show turned out to be the largest Indian property exhibition, held on 7th, 8th & 9th of December 2017, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The NRI communities mainly consisted of investors, the prime audience for Expo, as recently the new initiatives taken in the market have successfully captivated their interest. Being the uncapped market, the NRI investing sector has now become the foremost objective. The government and the CREDAI has taken some path-breaking initiatives in order to introduce the Indian real estate sector to the international investors.


As the investment in India, by Dubai NRIs’ is reaching USD 100 billion by 2020, turning out to be a positive sign for Indian developers. The recent government reforms like GST, RERA have brought a sense of accountability and complete transparency. These steps have revived the trust in the NRI consumers as they have started taking interest in the Indian real estate. Hence every Indian developer made the best use of this opportunity and showcased their best.

UAE-INDIA At The Smart Summit Of Realty

The major intention of the EXPO was to introduce the buyers to the latest trends of market, its policies and dynamics. The Indian Property Show joined hands with the CREDAI’s Smart India Realty Summit, providing a boost and helping NRIs to make informed decisions for their property purchases. Hence devising a smart strategy based summit, where one-on-one meetings, seminars and networking events were held, thus changing the face of the Indian real estate forever.


The first one-on-one meeting, kick-starting the summit, was the Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) MEET. Where the investors met at a round-table conference to facilitate the business deals and closure. Followed by a PROJECT HANDBOOK LAUNCH, which provided information to FIIs, fund managers, High Net-worth Individuals (HNI) and foreign investors in desired format. Also the top projects of the 50 participating developers were featured in the Handbook. The participation fees of this event being Rs. 3 Lakh plus taxes.


The investment industry experts explored the possibilities in External Commercial Borrowing (ECB), Investment potential of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), opportunities in affordable housing and international realty market. This event shaped out as an exclusive knowledge sharing in various Seminars and Conferences at the Expo. The participation costed Rs. 7500 plus taxes.


One of the highlights of the event was UAE CHANNEL PARTNERS MEET, where the developers from both the countries met one-on-one and explored the investment avenues of property sales in international market.


To celebrate the excellence of the real estate in India and UAE, an award show was also hosted at the event. The elite audience mainly consisted of the conference participants like the Developers, High Net-Worth Individuals, Foreign Institutional Investors, Fund Managers, Architects, Contractors and Bankers.


A special event showcased the opportunities for mega initiatives taken by the government, in the various regions, was also held. This FOCUSED REGION SHOWCASE included the smart cities, economic regions, free trade zones and cluster development projects, to pitch the high net worth individuals from India for investment. On the completion, this unique show gave assurance of a bright future for this franchise, bringing out the best of the Indian real estate.

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