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NRI Investing Trends: Hometown Outshines The Metros



NRI Investments

Non-resident Indians (NRIs) have always endeavoured to optimize returns on their investment avenues ever since India commenced on the path of economic liberalization. Despite of the status of the market, NRIs always wanted a place back at home. Understanding this need, real estate sector began to cater to this emerging market, hence becoming the most prominent and high return sector by attracting big investments.


current market is seeing a new trend, 78 percent of NRIs who are looking to invest in real estate in the country, now wish to do so in their hometown. The main reason being the sense of security that NRIs finds in these kind of investments. As the hometowns are considered as investor friendly with a promising future growth.


The hometowns have now taken the preferences from metro cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. These metro cities may have been the choice of average salaried-class individuals, but no longer for NRIs. As a large share of expat Indians sees their hometown as the top choice above other investment destinations.


Around 82 percent of NRIs have made up their mind that they would regardless put resources into the place where they grew up, despite of the varying circumstances in different urban areas, as it gives them a feeling that all is well with the world.


Those who are planning to come back and settle in India, are also preferring to invest in their hometown only. Near about 70% of the NRIs are even ready to take up a relatively lesser paying job in their hometown, instead of going for a job with higher salary in the metropolitan cities. They are preferring a quality life over the high costed and stressed life in cities. Then there are retiring professionals, who contribute majorly to the home sick category. 90 percent of these are willing to buy a house in the hometown only, denying the risk of living a lonely life among strangers.


According to a survey by the land think-tank amass Track2Realty and its worldwide cooperation accomplices, taking the participation from the NRIs around the world. A choice among the open-finished and close-finished inquiries in the Indian property advertise, NRIs showed a strong inclination towards the property in India, even though they may not plan to live here. They are likely to have greater trust in their ability to make profits in real estate in India.


The other reasons are the strengthening of the US Dollar against the Indian Rupee. Which has raises the affordability of Indian homes. Similar pattern is occurring with the value of currencies in the Middle East. As the property in India goes cheaper to NRIs, they are likely to invest more.


Today’s NRIs want to settle back at home, with friends and relatives. Therefore, opting for a property in a metropolitan city would be continuing the immigrant scenario, even in their own country. This spending in the home town is more of a self-funding personal experience for them instead of an investment.


NRIs are also keeping in mind the comfort and lifestyle that a smaller city can offer, adding the lesser uncertainties and lower investment for business. These hometowns are becoming an ideal choice, promising an ideal growth in the coming years.

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