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Home Buying In Hyderabad: The Salient Points



Hyderabad Real Estate

Turning out to be one of the busiest real estate markets in India, Hyderabad, with both, commercial and residential properties has been showing consistent performance over the past several years. Hyderabad has become a preferred destination for global IT, pharma, BFSI, and biotechnology firms in India, owing to its favourable state policies, metro rail and MMTS, ease of doing business, availability of talent pool, infrastructure such as the ORR, and cosmopolitan culture of the city. Now-a-days, prospective buyers are paying attention to many important factors, when it comes to buying a house.


Real estate experts are emphasising on social and the physical infrastructure. The prime choices are neighbourhoods that have potential for investments and areas that are close to schools, colleges, IT hubs, and other public utility infrastructure. Choosing a home next to an attractive hub, like a business park, automatically guarantees a good supporting infrastructure in the surrounding areas.


Several steps have been taken by the government to attract major international companies, by improving connectivity across the city through infrastructure projects like the MMTS (Multi-Modal Transport System) and the Strategic Road Development Project (SRDP). The new property hotspots are the micro-markets that have business parks, with multiplexes, shopping malls, parks, brand outlets and other facilities emerging next to these areas.


Consumers are currently pressing for the importance of the green in the surroundings near the home, as the major portion of their quality time is spent at home. Hyderabad has ample greenery in the form of conservation zones, urban forests and lakes. Therefore, the home seekers are increasingly preferring homes that have a park nearby, to keep the surroundings fresh and airy.


Traditional premium localities in Hyderabad are now being regularly launched in the areas, that have good connectivity and infrastructure. The projects being launched on the outskirts of Hyderabad, areas with the metro connectivity, are gaining momentum with this trend.


Known for providing quality homes at affordable prices, Hyderabad has made it possible, due to availability of land at low cost. Moreover, the improved road connectivity and infrastructure has allowed the people to travel to slightly further distances in lesser time. As compared to other cities, the property prices in Hyderabad have remained reasonable. But with the increasing population, new infrastructure developments and inflow of domestic and foreign investments, prices are likely to move upwards. Still homes will continue to be under the affordability circle.


The well-developed infrastructure of the Hyderabad city has allowed the home buyers to opt for homes that are slightly away from the city, due to the travel options and the connectivity. According to the experts, the improved road and metro networks are actually the consequence of the workforce living next to their offices.


New property micro-markets rising in Hyderabad owes to prime factor of better connectivity. Established residential localities such as Manikonda, Miyapurand, Kukatpally, Sainikpuri offer good housing options in the range of Rs 30-50 lakhs and are also witnessing fresh launches.

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