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Nagpur Municipal Corporation To Bring In New Company For Property Survey



Nagpur Municipal Corporation

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is all set to bring in another private agency for the GIS mapping, survey and seamless integration of the properties with e-governance software of the civic body. This step was taken forward after NMC failed to get all the properties in the city assessed in nearly three years of allotting the work of door-to-door survey to a private company.

The standing committee meeting will preside over the proposal of allotting work to a Hyderabad agency M/s Anant Technology Private Limited on March 23. The agreed upon price by the NMC will be Rs.120 per unit (house) to the firm.

Currently the company which is conducting the door-to-door survey of properties is the M/s Cybertech System and Software Limited and will continue to work. The company took the contract from NMC in July 2015, with a target of completing the assessment process in two years. Also later the firm was given three-month extension twice, to which it failed miserably. The NMC’s property tax collection was affected by the slow pace of the survey.

Out of 5.49 lakh properties, Cybertech Systems was able to survey only 3.83 lakh properties comprising 6,00,729 units, till March 7. According to an official from the tax department, NMC will be able to complete the assessment with the help of the new company’s appointment. SMS reminders are being send to property owners by the NMC, to pay taxes before March 31. During the last few days, the tax department had sent over 89,000 messages.

All the 10 zonal assistant municipal commissioners have been given an ultimatum by the NMC for achieving the property tax targets. As the financial year is about to end, NMC is yet to distribute over 1,78,511 property tax invoices from where it can generate Rs.185.77 crore revenue.

Ashwin Mudgal, municipal commissioner has withheld the salaries of tax department staffers, following poor tax recovery. Now AMCs have been given an ultimatum by the tax department head, to complete the distribution of invoices before March 31. This has come when the tax department is already understaffed in all the 10 zones. There is a need of 366 tax inspectors and collectors, whereas NMC has just 225 staffers.

According to the NMC data, the staff allotted over 5,49,398 properties in the city, makes the target of 2,442 properties for each employee on an average. Milind Meshram, assistant municipal commissioner is heading the tax departments. An ultimatum has already been issued by him to all the assistant municipal commissioners to ensure delivery of invoices before this month end.

As the current fiscal is about to finish in few days, the administration faces a difficult task. So the NMC has decided to keep the counter open at Civil Lines headquarters as well as the tax collection facilities ready at all the 10 zonal offices during Sundays and other government declared holidays.

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