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Top 10 Must-Have Amenities In Any Modern Home



Top 10 Must-Haves In Any Modern Home

Buying a home involves a lot of thought. However, with the rapidly changing face of the Indian homes, it is important that we alter our thought process as well. Put luxury aside, if you want to be content living in an apartment, you should not compromise with the following amenities:

  1. Parking

Parking space is one of the worst banes of modern society. So make sure you are getting enough parking or rather allotted parking space for your two or four wheelers vehicles.

  1. Power Backup

Even though in many parts of the country power outage instances have drastically decreased however it is always ideal to have power backup facility.

  1. Security

Gated communities are a common sight today. However, it is important to check the locations of CCTV camera and if the developer is also providing firefighting equipment, video door phone, and intercom facilities. A 24/7 security guard stationed at the main gate is also a crucial factor now.

  1. Kids

Most families either have children or will plan at some point. Thus children’s needs like play areas, sandpit area, kids’ swimming pool, etc. are to be kept in mind while home shopping. Also vicinity to other facilities like day cares, schools, and hospitals should be considered.

  1. Nature

Greenery always helps us relax. Make sure your home has some greenery where you can find quiet space and go to unwind when life becomes too hectic.

  1. Senior Citizen

If you have senior members in your family, make sure your home is equipped with structural aids like ramps, benches or safety features and dedicated area for the elderly to socialize. Proximity to health care facilities is also advisable.

  1. On-Site Maintenance

An overflowing leakage or a busted pipe can seriously damage your apartment. It is better invest in a home that has on-site emergency maintenance staff. They can really prove useful in times of emergencies.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Sustainable living is the need of the hour and many developers are already encouraging the use of an eco-friendly system in their projects like solar panels, rain water harvesting and so on. Thus limiting the use of energy and employing natural resources.

  1. Private Gyms and Spas

Today developers are building projects with fully equipped gyms, dedicated yoga rooms and spa rooms, cafeteria, library and so on. Home buyers today prefer to live amid such amenities that suit their lifestyle and meet their needs as well.

  1. Sports and Recreation

Sports and games is another factor that developers include today. Outdoor sports like basketball, cricket pitch, tennis and so on and indoor games like table tennis, carom, squash and snooker; such activities allow residents to rejuvenate on daily basis and lead a healthy life.

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