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Insomniacs wins the social media mandate for Ajmera Realty

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Insomniacs wins the social media mandate for Ajmera Realty

Insomniacs has been handed over the social media mandate of Ajmera Realty; the social media mandate includes running the group’s digital responsibilities over various social networking platforms.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Ajmera Realty handed over their social media mandate to digital agency Insomniacs. Insomniacs collaborated with Ajmera Realty as their digital partners, running their digital responsibilities over social networking platforms.

Reflecting his thought on this new association, Insomniacs co-founder Govind Rai states, “The legacy that Ajmera Realty has built over all these years is an embodiment of their values and their dedication to work. We were very impressed by their body of work and decided to give it a refined identity via the digital world. We aim to put the brand on a global pedestal, widening its reach worldwide while enhancing its popularity back home.”

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