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Mobile Applications Offer Personalised Solutions To Residents



Mobile Applications Offer Personalised Solutions To Residents

Residents of housing societies and complexes are opting for mobile applications to manage records, pay bills and connect with service providers

Mobile applications are dominating the real estate sector and have brought major changes in processes and systems. Startups have started exploring the possibilities of technology in real estate and are continuously proving how the sector can excel with the aid of technology. The key to success for these emerging startups is personalised solutions. From choosing a flat to renovating it, the applications will facilitate all the transactions and processes. Anuj Puri, chairman of Anarock Property Consultants, said that a lot of human input that used to be required in real-estate businesses is being replaced by technology.

There are numerous applications that connect consumers with architects, interior designers and plumbers etc. After buying a home, residents have to consult plumbers and electricians to fix and repair snags. Mobile applications allow residents to connect with vendors, architects, plumbers etc. on a single platform.

Sharan Grandigae, CEO and Founder of Redd Experience Design, which owns and runs an app called Redd Bricks, said that the app allows all the conversations to happen on a single platform. Consumers can take quick decisions and save a considerable amount of time with such applications. The application is free of cost and operates on a crowd-sourced model. The developers or secretaries of housing societies add the architects, plumbers, electricians, etc. as consultants. Users can choose from a number of services and select whom they want to hire.

Another mobile application called CHS One which was released 15 months ago can generate bills and notices online and preserve digital copies of society documents. Contacts of nearby electricians, security guards can be found in this application. Ram Kanjani, 35, an engineer and resident of Petals housing society in Kalyan said that they use the app for managing parking and celebrations in their complex. They coordinate and share parking spaces when guests visit and divide the expenses for festivals and parties. They pay Rs 30 per flat every month for the app.

Rabinder Sharma, Founder of CHS One said that the application can manage everything from parking to visitor logs, billing, notices, celebrations and meetings. In this application, users enjoy the option of hiding their name, mobile number and flat number. The application is not free and charges the user for each module. However, users can choose any module and pay only for that module. The size of the housing society determines the cost of the application and charges are applied per flat every month.

Fortify, another mobile application, helps homeowners and housing societies to personalise and design a security model. The app was launched one month ago. Omar Pathare, the Founder said that the app offers a mix of human resources and technology to provide security solutions. The app offers both security guards and equipment for complexes and homes.


Source: HT Estates

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