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10 Things To Check Before Taking Possession Of Your New Home



10 things to check before taking possession of your new home

Before taking possession of a home, every buyer needs to follow a checklist. 

Buying a home is always an occasion to celebrate for a typical Indian family. The first home always remains special and we present before you some valuable tips to make possession of home an easier affair. RealtyNXT jots down 10 points that every buyer should take note of

  1.    Check the documents

This is the most important step that every homebuyer needs to follow. Before the promoter handovers the keys to you, check that the documents are proper. Cross verify whether you have all the original as well as photocopies of essential documents. Get the property registered in your name with the help of a local authority.

  1.    Amenities

Many a time, the developer or the promoter of the project promises a wide range of amenities but fail to deliver it. A homebuyer should always check whether the promised amenities are actually present. If the developer had promised a gym, inspect whether it is included in the project. If not, inquire the reason behind the absence of these amenities. The buyer can lodge a complaint against the builder and claim refund or damages if the builder fails to deliver the amenities.

  1.    Doors and windows:

Thoroughly inspect whether the doors and windows are of good quality. Doors and windows are an integral part of the security of homes. Ensure that there are no cracks and gaps. Also check if the wood used for the window frames are not soft, brittle or crumbly. The locks and latches also require special attention.

  1.    The Walls:

Do not forget to check for any cracks in the walls. Check the wall paint for lap marks, paint wrinkling and paint scrub resistance. Leakages and damp patches, if any, need to be rectified.

  1.    Plug-points:

Check all the bulb holders, sockets and plugs. Ensure that there is no faulty installation and all the switches are working properly. Inspect the socket for any signs of damage, corrosion or discolouring.

  1.    Fittings:

Check the quality of the kitchen, bathroom and sanitary fittings. If any particular brand of fitting was mentioned in the agreement, verify if the same brand is used. Check for leakages like leaky faucet or shower head. See if the kitchen sink is properly installed and water is not leaking down. Obtain the warranty papers of the fittings if they are of a reputed brand.

  1.    Drainage:

The drainage outlets need to check thoroughly. Ensure that the outlets are not clogged and work properly.

  1.    Lifts and common areas:

While you pay attention to the interior of your flat, don’t forget to spare some time to check the lift and lobby. Ensure that the lifts are not malfunctioning. Also, check whether the lift takes too long to arrive at a floor which might be an indicator of hidden problems. The lift should be equipped with emergency services and alarms.

  1.    Safety features

Ensure that the building is earthquake-resistant. Fire safety equipment should be installed in common areas on all the floors. Check if CCTV is installed everywhere so that the security of the residents is not compromised. Ensure that there are first aid boxes near the swimming pool and the kids’ play area. The security guards should belong to a reputed company.

  1.  Secure piped gas connection:

     Check the piped gas connection to your home. The tubes and other apparatus should bear an ISI mark.


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