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Badlapur – A Fascinating Hotspot For First-Time Homebuyers



Badlapur - A Fascinating Hotspot For First-Time Homebuyers

Badlapur is becoming the ultimate hub for affordable housing as it offers flawless connectivity, good healthcare services, an eco-friendly neighbourhood and much more

Mumbai’s real estate has become extremely expensive for both end users and investors hence, locations in the suburbs are attracting buyers and providing better returns on investment. A decade ago, the outskirts of Mumbai were known for the rapid presence of small and medium industries rather than residential space. Over the past few years, places like Badlapur have emerged as a hub for affordable housing and have become one of the fastest growing areas in the outskirts of Mumbai.

Having witnessed a monumental growth over the past few years in terms of connectivity and infrastructure, Badlapur offers reasonably priced properties to buyers as compared to other locations in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

The location has several properties for buyers with housing options for mid and lower income segment. The cosmopolitan element of the location and the sufficing connectivity with Dombivli, Thane, and Kalyan draws buyers on the account of low prices. These things are making the location a fascinating hotspot for buyers. Property in this region will witness a fair appreciation in the prices since the demand for real estate in Badlapur will always be high due to the things it has to offer in a pocket-friendly budget.

Connectivity & Affordability:
Connectivity and affordability have been the major driving factor for the growth of the Badlapur region. Developers are constructing all types of residential projects incorporating quality amenities and
infrastructure. The properties are available at very attractive and affordable prices which is making the region a preferred destination for first home buyers.

The town of Badlapur is connected with different modes of transit, including railways and highways. A key highway connecting Kalyan and Karjat passes through the region. The connectivity of the region through roads to Navi-Mumbai has reduced the travel time and the proposed airport in the Navi-Mumbai is just a matter of an hour from the town. Good train frequency during peak hours on the central suburban route makes it easier for people to travel for their work. There are several bus services, both within Badlapur as well as from Badlapur to other parts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) making the transportability better in the region.

Growing Infrastructure:
With the significantly growing connectivity, builders and developers are now investing more in residential spaces in the region. Several infrastructure development projects have been approved which will further enhance the value of properties in the near future. It has contributed to the rising demand for housing in the locality. The availability of land parcels has enabled the developers to construct
townships in the region.

The Badlapur city development plan approved by the government has given a chance to investors and developers to make the best investment and develop the best projects in an emerging city like Badlapur.

Healthcare Services:
The need for visiting big hospitals in the city seems a little parse for the people of Badlapur. Growing infrastructure and multi-specialty hospitals have helped in getting the required medical needs in the
vicinity itself giving a 360-degree cover to healthcare facilities in Badlapur. Buyers often look for such facilities near the potential house before finalizing a home for themselves

Quality of Education:
Education is one of the major aspects considered before buying/renting a property. Over the years, Badlapur has grown at an unprecedented rate. Introduction to international schooling has helped Badlapur to live and implement a lively lifestyle at a reasonable price. These international schools not only provide quality education but also ensure a change in lifestyle and approach towards things.

Eco-friendly Neighborhood:
The Badlapur region is surrounded by lush greenery coupled with the sound civic amenities provided by the Kulgaon Badlapur Municipal Corporation. The greenery in the vicinity of Badlapur makes it a place
where people can relax and the eco-friendly environment enables people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Matheran, a famous hill station is just 20 km away from the region and the fast-paced infrastructure
development and emerging real estate projects make Badlapur a destination of choice for first-time homebuyers.

A Promising Destination for Buyers:
Badlapur is equipped with all the facilities a buyer considers while hunting for a home. The locality offers excellent infrastructure benefits, such as prominent educational institutions, shopping complexes, eating
joints and restaurants, as well as an upcoming movie theatre. Homebuyers can easily find houses in Badlapur at prices ranging between Rs 10 to 40 lakh with the cheaper monthly property maintenance charges compared to other locations in the vicinity.

Overall, the following factors make Badlapur is a great choice for buying a home: It has good education facilities for children, a decent healthcare center, smooth transportation, and affordable prices despite
good infrastructure.


Authored Article by: Rohit Poddar, MD, Poddar Housing

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