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Kasu Assets Announces Kasu Vana, Limited-Edition Designer Villas

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Kasu Assets Announces Kasu Vana, Limited-Edition Designer Villas

Kasu Vana is a niche development designed for exclusive homeowners, the 5 limited designer villas are located in Assagao, Goa

Kasu Vana, an exclusive development of 5 villas located in Assagao, Goa, is a real estate destination that has eloquently combined natural habitat and modern, award-winning design to create a bespoke, all-inclusive residential product. The project, spread across 3/4th of an acre of land, boasts lush green cover that further enhances the overall beauty of the architectural endeavor Kasu Assets has set out to achieve. Each villa sits on a plush 4,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. area and includes 4 bedrooms, a private garden and pool making it a contemporary piece of art that can be owned only by a select few in Goa.

Dhruthi Reddy Kasu & Jyotsna Reddy Kasu, the young dynamic sister duo, have formed this niche boutique realty firm to address the need for holiday homes that act as not ‘just another upscale living product’ but are limited edition designer homes, which add value to guests’ lifestyle and choices. Architectural Digest, the final word in the world of design and architecture, has recognised Kasu Vana in the ‘AD 100’ list that features the top 100 most influential architects and interior designers in the subcontinent.

Dhruthi Reddy Kasu, Director, Kasu Assets said, “We are a firm focused to create and deliver quality experiences to the home connoisseurs, who appreciate all aspects of premium living. Kasu Vana is a product we are very proud of, for it brings together design and architecture for an experience like no other. We are confident to make a mark in the holiday home segment and continue our efforts to develop timeless residential products”.

On joining hands with the Kasu Assets, renowned architect Sameep Padora, Founding Principal, sP+a said, “Kasu Vana is situated amidst a plethora of trees and the natural habitat resembles that of a forest, taking this into consideration our design is focused towards this natural foliage where each house becomes a lens to see this incredible greenery through”.

Kasu Assets was formed by the Kasu sisters to associate their firm with exemplary residential projects that are appreciated for unique design and innovative architecture in the realm of new age realty.

About Kasu Assets:

Kasu Assets is a boutique real estate company that believes in creating timeless realty products. Each of Kasu’s developments celebrates the company’s ardent passion for design and quality to establish a sense of unique identity in the market. At the helm of things are two young women entrepreneurs – Dhruthi Reddy and Jyotsna Reddy, a magnificent sister-duo. Their vision is to disrupt the traditional second-home market by bringing a service and hospitality-oriented approach to the otherwise traditional brick-and-mortar industry. Kasu’s flagship project, KasuVana is an all-inclusive, 5 villas project situated in Assagao, Goa attracting exclusive second-home owners from across the country. Additionally, the boutique realtor has more unique projects in the pipeline that are poised to become benchmarks in the world of the upscale living.


Press Release: Kasu Assets

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