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Ready-to-move Or Under-construction Home? Which One To Choose?

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Ready-to-move Or Under-construction Home? Which One To Choose?

Choosing a ready-to-move-in property offers numerous benefits for the buyer that makes it a preferred choice over an under construction property

This is a question which always baffles a home buyer – whether to choose a ready-to-move-in apartment or book an under-construction property. Simplistically speaking, the decision should be taken on the basis of an individual’s preferences and objectives; however, both scenarios have their own pros and cons.

A popular perception among the home-buyer is a nearing-possession construction or a ready-to-move-in property is more expensive than an under-construction property. Though it’s true that you need to consider certain things while choosing a nearing-possession home, such as checking your cash-flow, EMIs on the full amount of your home loan if any etc; the advantage of an under-construction property ends there.

Now, let us see the advantages a ready-to-move-in property has over an under-construction one.

Instant Gratification

When a home buyer invests in an under-construction property; there would always be a few years to get possession, even if the project progresses as per the given timeline. A buyer’s money is invested in an under-construction property for a longer period than that of a nearing-possession property. If for any unforeseen reason, the construction gets delayed, a buyer might get into a more severe financial stress. For a nearing possession property, your dream of owning a home is realized in no time!

Better Clarity

When you invest in a near-ready home, you get what you see. In a nearing-possession home, you can see the final finish, most of the aesthetics, fixtures etc. But while choosing an under-construction home, you only see a show-flat while finalizing your property which leaves you with a greater risk of altercations and unseen changes.

Rental Income

If you are buying a property for rental income, a nearing-possession property is what you should be choosing against an under-construction one. If you have taken a home loan, your rental income would go a long way to help you pay your EMIs, comfortably, as the rental market has maintained an upward growth trajectory for years.

Choosing a nearing-possession or a ready-to-move-in property flat also helps a buyer to save on the recurring cost towards living in rental accommodation. Besides everything else, a nearing-possession property gives you a sense of security. By the time your property becomes ready-to-move-in, you can also do some research on the neighbourhood and other related things associated with your new home.  

If you are considering a nearing-possession residential property at the heart of Ghatkopar (W), you can consider Anchor Residency marketed by Centrum REMA, which is ready for fit-out. Anchor residency offers state-of-the-art amenities for the finest living and easy, smooth connectivity with the rest of the city.


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