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Top 5 Smart Tips To Make A Green Home



Top 5 Smart Tips To Make A Green Home

Homeowners are always finding ways to save money and make smart use of what they purchase. A very efficient method of making the best use of the available resources is by switching to green homes

One of the most crucial needs of the planet right now is to minimise the use of harmful materials that cause damage to the ecosystem that we live in. As the standard of living is increasing exponentially, especially in urban areas, the importance of curtailing expenses is being realised. Most homeowners are now living in green homes which make efficient use of environment-friendly products. This reduces their cost of living to a great extent. Here are the five tips by RealtyNXT to make a green home.

1. Use of Recycled Materials

Popular amongst the young homeowners, the use of recycled materials which include recycled furniture, papers, decoratives and recycled clothes are some of the best ways to cut down costs and at the same time make homes eco-friendly. Various startups are now producing recycled products at super affordable rates and edgy designs.

2. Grow Plants Indoors

Indoor plants not only add an organic touch to the home’s decor but also help in filtering the air around. The soil in indoor plants has been found to clean harmful substances from the air such as benzene. These plants also absorb harmful pollutants emitted from carpets, electronic equipment and furniture. Growing a mini kitchen garden with herbs also helps in adding different types of flavours while cooking and consuming fresh organic produce.

3. Create Kitchen Compost

Kitchen waste and leftover food can be used to produce compost. Things like tea leaves, fruits, egg shells, vegetable peelings and other organic wastes can be collected in a compost bin. When mixed with yard trimmings and water, it can be added to the soil of the indoor plants or in the garden and act as natural fertilisers.

4. Avoid Artificial Lights

The use of artificial lights during day time adds to extra expenses. The use of natural sources of light such as sunlight must be used as much as possible. Not only does it help in saving money but boosts the immune system and increases the count of white blood cells. Recent studies also suggest that using natural light increases vision and stimulates dopamine which regulates eyeball growth.

5. Recycle Water

Water, one of the most crucial natural resources on earth, can be saved in various ways to make green homes. Water can be collected after washing vegetables which can be used to water plants or for flushing the toilet. The water used to boil food products can be reused for other purposes in the kitchen or garden. The use of shower buckets also minimises the use of excess water while bathing. Using biodegradable detergent for washing clothes must be encouraged so that instead of throwing the water away, it can be recycled for watering plants in the garden.

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