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Why Social Media Is Important For Real Estate Agents?

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Why Social Media Is Important For Real Estate Agents?

In this age of information, misinformation has to be curtailed and hence it makes sense for a real estate agent to use social media.

In this age of social media, people advice and the audience devise (opinions). And all of it happens at the touch of a button. RealtyNXT points out why agents need to use social media too for counteracting misinformation and spread correct information.

With the rise of social media blogs and video blogs, the idea of spreading information has become immensely democratic. Freedom of speech allows everyone to voice their individual opinions. It is good but it has to be used responsibly. Many use the medium to generate one-sided opinions which tend to misinform viewers.

Though this happens more in politics, the real estate industry to has been targeted from time to time. So called experts tend to pitch in their opinions on a myriad of topics like – ‘the builder is not trustworthy’, ‘the project is not good’, ‘home buying itself is costly’, ‘prices are escalated’, ‘the location is doomed’ etc. Such opinions many a time are driven by some unethical business leverage the expert is trying to gain. Likewise, at times, the fault is also on the developer’s part. So the agent has to be cautious.

In this scenario, the real estate agents have an important role to play, i.e to voice the correct opinion and spread it using social media channels. But they need to do it after doing a proper fact check. So that later they are not caught with their pants down.

A real estate agent should realise he is a beacon of hope when it comes to owning a beautiful home within the defined budget. Hence it makes apt sense to remain and become active on social media. In the current age, people are vulnerable to negative opinions. Hence the real estate agent has to function like an influencer advocating housing, home buying, home loans etc. And when more and more real estate agents do it, the wave of negativity can be stopped or at least contained.

Nothing sells like motivation and inspiration. So real estate agents should make it a point to share the cheerful and glorious stories of home buyers after their consent. Such stories offer a lot of psychological support to prospective home buyers burdened with negative opinions on home buying. Likewise when responses, comments and likes are generated, they can be coming from prospective buyers too, so in short, lead is also getting generated.

The real estate agents also need to present the relevant offers from home finance companies in a simplified way, so that it can be understood correctly. As the intensity of posts increases, a balance has to be maintained so that the posts are both buyer and seller-centric. After all, isn’t that what an agent does? He bridges the gap between the two.

Being socially active online makes a difference to a real estate agent both in professional and personal spheres. It definitely helps in adding a requisite dose of professionalism in an industry which requires it. More so at a time when freedom of speech, can make or break a deal.

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