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Most Trending Office Space Designs Of 2019

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Most Trending Office Space Designs

Evolving tremendously over the past few years, recent studies suggest how the design and decor of office spaces increase work productivity and employee satisfaction

In today’s world of high workload, office spaces are the most important thing that firms must concentrate on. Outdated decor in the workplace decreases the efficiency of the employees and thus the business fails to perform well. It has, therefore, become very important to have a healthy and comfortable workplace with latest designs so that space nurtures the people working in the office instead of burning them out.

RealtyNXT brings some of the most trending office space designs of the year listed below.

1. The Second Nature

This concept uses the idea of integrating green walls, plants, flowers and small trees in the office space. Such a design of the interiors has been found to reduce stress, anxiety and panic amongst the employees. The idea of being in the proximity of nature helps boost the work efficiency and adds an earthy decor to the office. The use of earthy or subdued tones on the walls like brown, green and blue also helps in being calm and at peace.

2. Using Abstract Patterns

Gone are the days of solid and single toned colours on the wall. The accessories used to decorate the walls must also be unconventional and contemporary. The use of abstract patterns or geometric decors around the office makes the entire office space more lively and edgy. Soft greys contrasted with black and white paints, asymmetrical paintings and straight-lined furniture with soft lights in various corners of the office lift up the entire culture of the office environment. The Jindal Mansion on Peddar Road, which is the Jindal family’s office space in Mumbai, follows this concept.

3. Adding The Local Culture

Designing the space by adding elements from the local culture of the region where the office is located adds a dynamic edge to the entire workplace. With custom-made illustrations on the walls, minimalist furniture and the use of robust colours also enhances the decor. The Facebook office at Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai, has used influences from the Indian culture to design the office. With the use of slogans written in native languages, quirky illustrations on the walls and the use of pastel colours around various corners of the rooms, the office looks very urban and quirky at the same time.

4. Ample of Natural Light

Letting in a good amount of natural light is essential for a healthy workforce. Also using a bright colour on one wall and keeping the rest of them in the lighter shade makes the entire place look youthful. People working inside the office feel more energised as on an average, a working professional spends around eight to nine hours in their office. Higher ceilings also make the space look bigger and allows more space for creativity and fun in the work environment. Milind Soma’s office at Santa Cruz in Mumbai designed by Shimona Bhansali is an eye-catching space based around this idea of designing an office.

5. Incorporating Fancy Furniture

The use of fancy furniture at some corners of the office provides additional space for employees to relax for some time or sit and collaborate on a particular project. In terms of design, it accentuates the work culture. Adding wooden floorings, glass tables and golden chandeliers also gives a luxurious look. A good example of this is the Bombay House office lounge in Mumbai of the Tata Group.

6. Highlighting The Company Theme

Designing the office according to the company’s theme and motto gives a very pleasing look to the entire space. The walls can have the company’s motto, the furniture must be aligned with the theme of the company’s logo and various decor accessories related to the company can be hanged around or used as showpieces in the office. The NBA India office in Mumbai designed by M. Moser Design Associates has used themes of basketball around the entire office space.

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1 Comment

  1. Susanna

    June 14, 2019 at 11:31 am

    Wonderful article and a detailed description of a modern office.??

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