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Creating A Consistent Marketing Experience Which Works



Creating A Consistent Marketing Experience Which Works

From social media to print, each marketing channel helps you build an image you desire

A real estate agent has different marketing channels at his disposal. These channels have to be utilised effectively to portray the brand and person in the right light. RealtyNXT points out few tips real estate agents can follow to create a consistent multi-channel marketing plan which will help them succeed. When it comes to marketing luxury properties, it has a lot to do with the real estate agent’s image. The agent in question needs to be known for his expertise. In other words, he should be known to his clients as an expert in luxury. Building this image has a lot to do with consistency. And this approach to consistency needs to reflect across the different marketing channels at the agent’s disposal.

1. Be Aware of the Narrative

The narrative for different locations differ. Stories which work for Mumbai, may not work for Delhi. So if you are marketing luxury properties in Mumbai, the best way to describe the atmosphere would be by adding a dose of glam to it. The subtle nuances of brand Mumbai need to reflect in the social media and the print channels (newspapers and magazines) the agent has access to. It is advisable to paint a simple yet high-end image of the city. Do not forget to mention the strong points of the location.

2. Design the Narrative Keeping the Channel in Mind

If the agent is selling luxury properties, the keyword should be luxury across different channels. But the presentation has to be done keeping in mind the channel in use. Lifestyle can be showcased on social media, the website can focus on the brand, the newsletter can zero in on the agent’s expertise.

3. Plan it Out

Social media is a long-term investment; it doesn’t work like a magic wand. So it is necessary for the agent to figure out his professional goals in the next twenty years. Once this is understood, it is easier to understand what needs to be done now. Appropriate plans can be drawn out. It will allow the agent to be focused and dole out precise content for each channel. Instagram and Facebook can also be utilised for zeroing on building one’s own image apart from mentioning the offers. Website and print materials can focus on the overt sell.

4. Release Monthly Reports

In case of a real estate agent, it also pays to release reports at defined intervals (every month or quarterly). The report can contain information the clients would be interested in like – the average sales price, the price trends in the luxury market in question. They might also want to know the annual sales figures in terms of the luxury units sold and the volume of money transacted. When you give such information it ensures that the agent and the brand in question are associated with precise knowledge. And this, in turn, can lead to more and more clients turning to the agent for their real estate purchases.

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