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Elders In Senior Living Communities Have Higher Satisfaction



Elders In Senior Living Communities Have Higher Satisfaction

Compares seniors, living in Delhi NCR with their families and seniors staying at senior living projects

Association of Senior Living India (ASLI) recently conducted a survey which revealed fresh data and observed the trends in senior living. The core objective of the survey was to understand the variation in mental, physical and social satisfaction of seniors residing in urban cities in comparison to those residing at senior living communities.

The study covered 150 elders across Delhi/NCR and 150 elders living in Ashiana Senior Housing Communities. Of which, more than 41percent aged 60-69 years with almost equal distribution of both genders. The survey covered four aspects of the quality of life, that is, Health, Emotional, Financial and Social life.

Commenting on the recent survey released by ASLI (Association Of Senior Living India), Mr. Ankur Gupta, Co-Chairman, ASLI – Association of Senior Living India, said, “The study has revealed some significant findings and the factors that require to be addressed for the Senior Population that entails healthy physical environment and supporting infrastructure, easy and convenient access to transport, expert and quality healthcare, geriatric care, help for conducting the daily chores and security needs.”

Giving significant insights the report indicated, “49% seniors staying in Senior Living projects have voted for having a very good life, however, only 13% seniors staying outside in Delhi/NCR said they have very good lifestyle.” Seniors who are staying in Delhi NCR are much more prone to society caused anxieties and family feuds, which eventually reflects on their health and cause behavior pattern leading to more depression and blue moods. In such circumstances often stress leads to health degradation causing lack of energy, poor concentration and less sleep.

Furthermore, the reports signify, “32% of seniors in the senior living community are very satisfied with the health. However, when it comes to the normal group housing, only 7% of senior citizens are very satisfied.”

Looking at the financial comfort the report said, “60% seniors in one of the senior living project, which is Ashiana, have indicated their financial comfort as they have enough money for their daily needs. However, while assessing the seniors living outside the communities it was found only 25% of seniors completely agreed to have enough money for their daily needs.”

Moreover, 99% of senior citizens staying in senior living community have admitted that they are in safe zone while only 14% of seniors staying in Delhi/NCR have voted for same.

The study reflects those residing in senior living projects find themselves more safe and living in a comparatively healthy environment. Whereas seniors staying in Delhi NCR do not feel safe and often live in a compromised physical environment due to increased pollution and city chaos.

Besides seniors living in such communities are more active, amiable and find their lives more meaningful. Away from family issues, they spend their time in daily fitness activities, fulfilling hobbies which were once given backseat due to a hectic life. The findings also show that the Senior living lifestyle of the communities has brought breakthrough improvements in quality of life for seniors, they are comparatively less dependent on medicines, high on life and stress free.

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