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Tips To Add Value To Your Property Through Renovation

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Tips To Add Value To Your Property Through Renovation

Real estate is witnessing a significant rise in the percentage of property investments. Buyers are seeking homes that require minimal or no renovation at all

Homeowners are now spending much more than last year on renovating their property to get a good value for their property. A recent study suggests that the amount spent on renovation has increased by 7.5 percent this year. Properties that are renovated have a higher chance of appealing potential customers. Thus one must know the best ways by which renovation can be done.

RealtyNXT highlights the best ways in which renovation can add value to the property.

1. Renovating The Bathroom

This is one of the most important place inside the property that catches the buyer’s attention. If they are not updated, it can lower the impression of the house in the eyes of potential customers. Installing branded sanitary ware products, changing the flooring and adding shelves can change the look of the bathroom. 

Some of the best sanitary ware brands include Hindustan Sanitary Ware Ltd, Kohler India, CERA and Jaquar. Adding accessories like small abstract patterned paintings, soft lights and framed mirrors will add a contemporary look. 

If the bathroom allows some space for a bathtub, it must be added without any second thoughts. Cabinet along a wall can also be installed for the ease of storing bathroom supplies. 

2. Add Colours To The Walls

A dull paint on the walls is never appealing. Moreover, defective plumbing in the house can cause damp patches on the wall. It is necessary that homeowners take care of such damages and proper treatment is done. 

After this, painting the walls is the most crucial thing. It has been found that using cooler tones like ocean blue or soft lavender can help bring down stress levels. For a more urban and earthy look, one can use lighter tones of grey with brown and green. 

Some patterns that can be added on the walls include the designs influenced by Warli paintings and inspiration from Madhubani paintings.

3. Updating The Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the most important place when it comes to renovating a house. With years of cooking comes stickiness and stains on the walls and kitchen hardware. 

With affordable solutions available in the market, owners can opt for hardware that is produced with the latest features. Hafele India, Hettich and Godrej Interio provide some of the best kitchen fittings in the country.  

4. Adding A Blend Of Nature

One of the latest decors that many urban Indian households are including in their homes is the indoor vertical garden which completely transforms a particular corner of the house. 

Vertical gardens consist of hanging planters that require minimal maintenance. The ease with which these vertical gardens can be put up on walls is making them increasingly popular and affordable at the same time. 

It can be used to decorate a wall in the living area or on a wall that has too much damages. Bio Vertical Garden is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of green wall in India. 

5. Change The Flooring

A change of the flooring completely changes the vibe of the house and makes it look as good as a new house. For an Indian household, some of the best flooring options are the wooden laminate, stone inlay and natural stone inlay flooring.

Wooden laminate floorings are made of synthetic materials which give a glossy wood appearance. Pergo India Private Limited is one of its best dealers. Stone inlays are influenced by the palaces and old mansions of India. Such floorings give an appearance of both traditional and contemporary styles as it has geometric and symmetrical patterns. Monarch Crafts and Stone&Woods provide some of the best and affordable choices of such floorings. 

Natural stone inlays are one of the best options as it offers a cooler look and feel to beat the heat of Indian summers. They can be used for years and are easy to maintain. Stone Art Hub is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of natural stone inlays.

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