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Apartment v/s Individual House: Which One To Choose?

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Apartment v/s Individual House: Which One To Choose?

Investing in a property can be a very tough decision especially for first-time homebuyers who need to make a firm decision if they must purchase an individual house or an apartment

Buying a property is a task that requires a great deal of research and patience. With the emergence of various types of housing solutions in the Indian market, homebuyers are offered with a variety of options. Both apartments and individual houses have their respective set of pros and cons and an intelligent homebuyer needs to consider these before making the final decision.

RealtyNXT lists in detail how one can decide if they must invest in an apartment or an individual house below.

Amenities And Maintenance

When homebuyers have bought an apartment, it depends on the developers to make sure that all the amenities are provided at the time of possession. These amenities include the supply of water, parking spaces, gardens (if any), fire safety measure, power back up and various others.

In this case, homebuyers are assured that with the amount of money that they have paid, all these amenities will be available to them at no extra costs.

In the case of an individual house, a homebuyer gets these amenities with extra costs. Those who own an individual house need to make sure that regular water, electricity, power back up is available and he has to be responsible to make sure that all dues are paid on time, for an uninterrupted supply of such facilities. In an apartment, for the first few years, a developer usually takes the responsibility to check that all the maintenance work related to such amenities is done regularly.

For example, in the first few years, most developers make sure that the cleaning of the water tanks, updating the fire safety mechanism and keeping the garden clean is done regularly.

Construction Phase

In the case of an apartment, homebuyers do not have to keep a check on the construction process of their property as the developers will make sure that it is progressing on time. In the case of an individual house, if the homebuyer is building his house from scratch, he has to constantly keep track of the construction process.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that, for an individual house, the homeowners will know properly about what raw materials are being used and make sure that the quality of construction of their house is the best.

But, in some cases, there have been several homebuyers who have been subjected to poorly constructed apartments as some developers tend to use poor building materials.  Therefore, homebuyers who have invested in an apartment must make sure to visit the site and check on the quality of construction of the project.

Also, for an apartment, there might be a delay in the possession if the developers have progressed with the construction in a very slow manner. In the case of houses, homeowners can be assured that they get complete possession of the property on time, as the entire progress on the construction process is checked by the homeowner.


It usually takes some time to sell a property. It has been found that the sale of an apartment usually takes lesser time than selling an individual house. As apartments are comparatively more affordable than individual houses, it becomes easier to hunt for potential buyers of an apartment.

Also, with the increase in the demand for various facilities that are available nowadays in residential apartments, more people are willing to invest in properties that promise to provide such facilities than individual houses that may not have all the facilities. Currently, it is easier to sell resell an apartment rather than reselling a house in both tier 1 and tier 2 cities. 


Homeowners with an individual house have the liberty to design their property as they want. They can choose the colour for the exteriors of the house and how tall they want their property to be (after proper approval from the local authorities). For extending floors in the house, approval is required from the local authorities under the jurisdiction in which the property lies.

But in the case of apartments, homeowners cannot change the look of the building. It depends on the developers how their projects will look on the outside. Even though the interior of the apartments can be designed as per needs, the layout and the floor plan of the apartment will remain as per how the developers wish to offer. 


For those willing to buy a property on loan, it is easier to get a home loan for an apartment than getting it for an individual house. Usually, banks who are willing to offer a home loan, have a list of projects sanctioned where homebuyers can get their loans approved. However, it is not the same in the case of individual houses.

In India, homebuyers who want to purchase a plot to build a house get a loan from the bank for only about 60 to 70 percent of the total value of the plot. The rest has to be arranged by them. Thus due to the ease of availability of home loans for an apartment, a major percentage of people end up buying an apartment.

Keeping in mind the above points, it can be said that given the ease and comfort provided by the developers on their various upcoming and ongoing residential apartment projects, it is more affordable to buy an apartment than an individual house. However, homebuyers who are ready to take up the responsibility or are willing to invest more to be in the comfort of their privacy shall opt for an individual house.

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