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Things To Know About Prefab Homes

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Things To Know About Prefab Homes

Prefabricated homes are gaining popularity in the country as they can be built in relatively half the time that is taken to construct a traditional house

One of the major problems faced by home buyers is the construction delay of the property that they have invested in. Such a situation leads to more expenses as these home buyers need to pay their EMIs if they have opted for a loan to buy the house or pay rent for their accommodation if they are living on rent currently. Therefore, the need to have strong homes but those that can be built in relatively less time is important. 

With better technological advancements, prefabricated homes are a type of house that offers various features, unlike traditional homes. 

RealtyNXT mentions the various things that home buyers need to know about prefabricated homes.

1. Understanding The Term

Prefabricated homes are also known as prefab homes. This is a popular style of building homes in other countries. However, they have recently come into the limelight in our country as well due to the features that it provides and the ease with which it can be constructed. The latest prefab homes are built by taking the influence of futurist architecture.

Interestingly, the first prefabricated home was invented in the sixteenth century in India by Emperor Akbar.

2. Construction Techniques

Prefab homes are constructed using three modern techniques of construction.

The first one is the panel built technique. Here long segments of timber are converted into solid frames and then converted into panels. These panels are built off-site in factories. 

Second is the modular system technique. Here different rooms of the house are built independently in factories and then assembled on site of the property. This means that the bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom and living room are constructed separately and then put together where the house has to be built.

The third is the manufactured home technique. Here the entire structure of the house is constructed off-site in the factory. The ready home is transported and sent to the homeowner. Sometimes electrical fittings may also be installed inside these homes before sending it to the homeowner. However, this is not a very popular technique as home buyers prefer to see the various segments of the house being assembled in front of their eyes.

3. Efficiency Of Prefab Homes

One of the most important features of prefab homes is that as the different segments of the house are built off-site, there is very little wastage at the property site. Unlike the construction of traditional homes which leads to a lot of pollution and wastage of harmful substances, prefab homes are comparatively less polluting. As most of the construction of the various segments of the house is done in the factories, most of the materials that are wasted can be recycled in the factory and used for some other purpose. Also, as most of the manufacturing of these separate segments is achieved through computerised processes, there are hardly any human errors. 

4. Reduced Time Of Construction

As prefab homes use the latest technology, the time taken to construct these homes are way shorter than constructing traditional homes. Instead of individual carpenters building the various wooden parts of the house, the various segments are mass produced in the factories thus providing a much better quality of the work and a longer shelf life.  While traditional houses take years to complete, prefab homes can be completed in a few months or even in a few weeks. Thus, home buyers can be assured that they do not have to wait for too long before moving into their new homes.

5. Cost

Prefab homes are best for those who are willing to build a house within a set budget. As these homes are mostly built with the help of computerised techniques, the chances of customising the various segments are also easier and more affordable rather than traditional houses. Faster delivery of the house also ensures that home buyers do not have to spend extra time and money waiting for the construction to be over.

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