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1mg Introduces Diabetes Care Plan to Reduce Medical Expenditures by Half



NEW DELHI, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On an average, a person with Diabetes spends 8,760 hour fending for themselves and only 28 minutes a year with their medical professional. In its quest to be an effective companion in a person’s self-care journey and help him lead a healthy life, 1mg believes it is important to treat this condition at its root by giving effective care at home, along with the right clinical support. 1mg Diabetes Care Plan (DCP) is aimed at helping individuals regulate rising Hba1c (Glycated hemoglobin) levels and reduce the cost of therapy. 

Appropriately managing Diabetes has been shown to lead to lower medical spending and better outcomes, but many people living with diabetes in India still face barriers in managing their diabetes. With a condition like Type-1 diabetes, the impact can be unrelenting for people, who must take medication every day to keep their disease in check. DCP is highly recommended for individuals diagnosed with diabetes for keeping track of their diabetic status and also to provide screening for common health problems like kidney failure, eyesight problems, vitamin deficiencies and blood toxicities. Regular tracking of diabetes and associated conditions is critical for receiving adequate treatment regimen.

DCP Beta Launch

The team of experts at 1mg launched a Beta version of the care plan in October 2018, focused on ‘therapy cost reduction’. Under the 6-month membership program, each member gets the following benefits:

  1. 25% savings on every prescription medicine order
  2. Free shipping on all orders 
  3. Additional 5% 1mgcash on purchase of OTC products 
  4. Free Diabetes screening test – Includes HbA1c & Fasting blood glucose test 
  5. 2 free doctor consultations 
  6. Access to special surprise deals on diabetic care products such as devices, test strips, sugar substitutes, etc 
  7. Access to a log book to maintain their digital health record and monitor progress. Subscribers can maintain their glucose levels, weight and Hba1c levels and see their progress

The subscriber base of Beta version has successfully crossed the 5000 mark, and has been well received by customers, who claim to have saved an additional Rs. 6,000 in 6 months by paying a small one-time sum of Rs.199

DCP is available on all 1mg platforms and can be bought via online payment. Once the customers subscribe to the plan, they get access to the mentioned benefits for a 6 month period, and the promised discount gets auto-credited to their cart, whenever they check out. Besides, they can also choose diet supplements, juices and superfoods from 1mg’s vast repertoire of products. Other than this, 1mg features several brands that can lead the user towards the path of healing, by offering a wide range of affordable and convenient healthcare options. The online pharmacy regularly reminds its users to get their routine Hba1c test done and shares important tips around managing diabetes through their communication channels. 

Future Plan

Diabetes is a fight, and it can’t be won alone. By emphasizing on improving lifestyle, proper treatment and certain precautions, one can easily keep all the worries about diabetes management at bay. Through DCP, 1mg endeavors to facilitate better self-care and make therapy adherence convenient, in order to help people regulate their HbA1c levels through this digital pill. 1mg also plans to launch similar care programs for other chronic conditions that can be dealt with effective self-care. Their next product launch will be aimed at helping people build the right habits so that managing diabetes becomes easy and fun. 

About 1mg Technologies Pvt Ltd

With over 18 million app downloads and 160 million monthly page views, 1mg has made its mark across the country for being a pioneer in the digital healthcare space, and boasts of being a trusted player in the segment. Offering seamless healthcare services, authentic health-related products and tight quality-control across the touch points, it is one of India’s leading digital consumer healthcare platforms, providing Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements as well as diagnostic services from certified labs delivered to your doorstep.

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Media Contact:
Ishan Agarwal
1mg Technologies Pvt Ltd

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