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A Guide For Home Sellers During Home Staging

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A Guide For Home Sellers During Home Staging

A study suggests that the chance of a home getting sold increases by 73 percent when the home seller prepares his best for home staging than those who do not prepare for any 

Selling a home is one of the most difficult tasks and it also consumes a considerable amount of time. One of the best ways to increase the chance for a home to get sold is to prepare for home staging. Home staging requires the home seller to decorate his house to make it look appealing to his potential customers. Houses that look dull and do not have any decor take a lot of time, sometimes years, to get sold. By making a little effort and preparing before showing the property, home sellers can attract more buyers.

RealtyNXT lists the best tips for home sellers while showing their property to increase the chances of selling. 

Repairing Damages

Home sellers sometimes ignore to renovate the damages in their property like cracked walls or broken windows. Sometimes, they try to hide other imperfections with the help of decorative pieces. 

It must be kept in mind that home sellers must repair all the major and minor damages in the house. This is because home buyers will scan the entire property for any imperfections and if they find any problem, it will lower their interest. The homebuyer is going to pay a good sum of money for the property and thus he will expect his investment to be value for money. 

De-Personalising The House

It must be kept in mind that a home buyer’s likings in terms of decor may not always be similar to the home seller. Therefore, before showing the property, the home seller must not over personalise the decor of the house. Before showing the property, the home seller needs to keep in mind that his property will be shown to people who have different kinds of mindset and thus decorating the house with personal treasures and collections must be avoided.  It must be ensured that when home buyers enter the house, the house looks pleasant and not over decorated with too many collectables.

Knowing The Home Buyer

It is very important for the home seller to know about the buyers who are going to pay a visit. This is because, without adequate knowledge regarding the home buyer, the home seller would not be able to understand what are their requirements and which features of the house must be highlighted to get the interest of the buyer. This means that if a family is coming to see the property, then the home seller must make sure that the house looks spacious so that each member of the family can imagine themselves spending time in the house. The home seller can highlight the kid’s room, prayer room and the kitchen. In case any bachelor pays a visit, the property must look minimal but stylish at the same time. A home seller can then highlight the living area, balcony and storage areas of the house. 

Updating The Furniture

If the property is being sold along with the furniture, then the home seller must make sure to update old or broken furniture. When home buyers pay a visit, one of the most important things they look out for is the condition of the furniture and the value that is being charged for it. If the furniture is too old or damaged, it lowers the interest of the home buyer and they might start negotiating the price of the property. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the home seller must not clutter the house with too many pieces of furniture as it looks unpleasant and makes the house look smaller.


A home seller must keep in mind that customers who come to pay a visit will take some time to look through the property because they will pay attention to each corner of the house. As they will be investing with a considerable amount of money, they are going to make sure that the property is well maintained. The home seller should not hurry when the home buyer takes time while looking at the property as it will be rude. A home buyer will think several times before making the final decision and thus they must be given ample of time and comfort to think over it. Therefore, while a visitor arrives to see the property, the home seller must keep in mind that showing the property takes time and cannot be completed in a few minutes. 

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