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Questions You Must Ask Your Contractor

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Questions You Must Ask Your Contractor

Even though several measures are being taken to prevent construction fraud, those building their homes must know about their contractors to avoid any problems later

Building a home is one of the most expensive investments of an individual. The task of appointing a good contractor and then planning and briefing them about one’s requirements often takes a number of days. There have been various cases in the past when homeowners have been victims of fraud by the contractors or there have been serious arguments between them.

Therefore, it is important for every person who is about to build their homes to know about their contractors and thus ensure a seamless construction process.

RealtyNXT lists the various questions that one needs to ask their contractor.

1. “What Is Your Experience?”

It is very important that those building their new homes appoint a contractor who has many years of experience. This is because contractors who have years of experience will have an expert team and thus the chances of any error during the construction process decreases. They will also know about the latest technology that is used for building a house and thus they will ensure that the resources used to build the house have been used efficiently with minimal wastage.

2. “What Is The Schedule?”

It is very important to know the schedule that the contractor is going to follow. This gives the homeowner an idea about the routine that will be followed by the contractor, the number of days he will be working and the progress of constructing each part of the house like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and the rest. It will also give an idea if the contractor is working efficiently on the project or not and also about the estimated day of completion of the project.

3. “Who Will Be Present On-Site?”

To avoid any chaos at the site, it is important to know who all will be present during the construction of the house. A contractor will usually have a big team comprising of carpenters, ironsmith, labourers and others. It is crucial to know who all will be there every day and who will take care of the site in the absence of the contractor. 

The contractor may keep a supervisor to keep a check on the daily progress of the construction. It is important that the homeowner knows the supervisor well in case of any question regarding the construction or the layout of the house.

4. “What Is The Payment Schedule?”

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the system of the payment schedule. One needs to ask their contractor about how will they accept the payment, whether through cheques, cash or fund transfer and on which date will the payment needs to be made. It is always suggested that one must not make the entire payment at once to keep a check on the progress of the construction and avoid delay in the delivery of the house. Therefore, it is always better if the contractor is paid in installments or after the completion of the project if he agrees. 

5. “Which Part Of The Construction Concerns You?”

Those building their individual houses may have their own set of ideas or demands for a customised corner in their house. This may be for an extra room or a particular design. While experienced contractors will have a good idea about how to deal with a complicated layout of the house, it is always advisable that one must enquire with their contractor if there are any areas of concern. As various factors affect the way a house is built like the soil quality or the materials used, it may have an impact on the construction of the house.

Thus, as a homeowner, one has to keep track of any problems that the contractor may face so that a preventive step can be planned to avoid any hassles. 

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