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Contemporary Elements To Include In Your Home

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Contemporary Elements To Include In Your Home

A study suggests that 41 percent of the home owners around the world hire a contractor to renovate their house to make it look better and elegant

Many homeowners invest a lot of money in transforming the way their house looks. They may purchase some expensive decorative pieces or install some branded and expensive fixtures in their house to add a touch of luxury. However, they might remain unsatisfied about the way their home looks after the renovation. This is because most of them are unaware of some of the more efficient and smarter ways of making their house more contemporary and elegant.

By definition, a contemporary house uses the contemporary styles that were developed in the latter half of the twentieth century. This style focuses more on the principles of line, shape and form. 

RealtyNXT lists the various ways by which a homeowner can create a contemporary home easily on their own.

1. More Light

Homeowners need to know that a contemporary house makes the best use of light. By installing bigger windows and skylights, more natural light can enter the house. Not only does this have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of people, but it also enhances the look of the house. It brightens up the entire area and makes it look brighter and wider. Using natural light also reduces the expenses spent on electricity. 

When it is necessary to use artificial lights like during the evening and night, one can install electrical lights that are sleek and elegant. Some of the latest designs include gold cylindrical metal lights or motion sensor lights. 

2. Metal

Nickel, chrome and stainless steel metals are some of the most popular and important elements to be included in a contemporary home. They provide a sleek finish to the decor of the house and can be used to accessorise different parts of the house like the kitchen, wall hangings, doors and other appliances. Adding metallic decor to the bathroom also enhances the way it looks and adds a stylish touch to it.

3. Colour

The trends of using too many bright colours on the wall are now outdated. The use of lighter and neutral shades like white, taupe, brown and cream have now become popular. These colours make the room look much wider and adds a sense of calmness to the entire space. However, if one wants to make the room pop out, they can use some dark or bright coloured furniture and make their space look interesting.

 4. Technology

With the rapid technological transformation that the world is witnessing, the use of technology to make a homeowner’s life easier at his home has become one of the most important things. With the ease of a smartphone, homeowners are now able to control things inside their house. However, it is also important to design the house in a way that the gadgets or appliances remain hidden when not in use to reduce clutter. Using wireless electricals, remote-controlled devices and sensor lightings are some of the ways how one can reduce the visibility of electrical wires of these gadgets. 

5. Flooring

Contemporary homes are complete when floorings of ceramic or porcelain tiles, travertine stone and marble are used. These floorings are easy to maintain and at the same time remain cool which is ideal for the tropical climate of the country. Such floorings help to keep the house cool and give a luxurious touch to the decor. These floorings are now used widely by most homeowners who are either renovating their old house or buying a new one. 

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