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Top 5 Tips To Boost The Kerb Appeal Of A Property

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Top 5 Tips To Boost The Kerb Appeal Of A Property

Studies suggest that the kerb appeal of a property can help attract more buyers and thus increase its value by twenty-five percent 

Home selling is a difficult task especially in the case of an individual house. Homeowners who are willing to sell their house need to ensure various things while their potential buyers visit the property. One of the most important things to keep in mind while showing a property is to maintain a good kerb appeal.

Kerb appeal refers to how attractive the property looks when viewed from the street. It does not only increase the chances of the house being sold faster but also increases the value to a great extent. In a country like India, those willing to sell their house need to take extra care about the kerb appeal of their house due to the pollution in the air which causes a lot of damage to the exterior of the house.

RealtyNXT lists the various ways how home sellers can boost the kerb appeal of their house.

1. Paintwork

Home sellers must paint the exterior walls of their house. Painting the wall will make it look brighter and stand out, instead of the layers of dust that have settled on its walls over the years. Painting the house with bright colours like white or yellow will make it look attractive and buyers will be willing to invest the amount of money that is being asked for the property. 

Home sellers can hire painters and must be willing to invest in painting the house as it will be profitable for them while property viewing.

2. Pathways

This is one of the easiest ways to enhance the kerb appeal of the house. Home sellers must keep a good check that the pathway outside their house is neat and tidy with no waste or dirty objects around. This will make sure that the area outside the house is well maintained as home buyers are concerned about the place that the property is situated. It is important the area around the main front gate is kept clean and if necessary, home sellers must hire labourers who will clean up the entire area around the house so that the pathway looks clean and appealing.

3. Front Door

The front door must not be too old or damaged. The home seller must install premium branded locks on it if necessary. Also, damages like holes or scratches of the door can be highly unattractive. One must make sure that the front door is strong, thick and well maintained. The front door makes the statement about the whole property and thus if necessary painting or polishing the surface of the front wall must be done.

4. The Front Yard

In case the property has a garden or a front yard, care must be taken that the home seller mows the garden and there is no dirt on the lawn. The flowers or plants must be well maintained and unwanted creeper plants or insects must be removed. As soon as the potential buyers enter the property, they will look at the front yard and thus the home seller must keep it clean.

5. Lighting

There must be lights around the property as a security measure and as well as to be able to make the property look good after the sunset. Home sellers must check in case there are any damaged or broken lights outside their house and fix it if need be. In case there is no lighting, then one must install it. These minor additions to the exterior of the house will make it look attractive and at the same time, the home seller can show his property to the buyers in the evening. 

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