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The Benefits Of Buying A Smart Home

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The Benefits Of Buying A Smart Home

According to a survey by Schneider Electric, it is expected that the smart home market will double in revenue every three years as it will grow at a rate of 30 percent year-on-year

The advent of technology in the real estate industry has transformed the way housing solutions are being provided to home buyers. Most of the real estate developers these days are providing smart homes to the home buyers due to the various advantages that it has and also to attract more customers. Smart homes have become popular in most of the countries around the world and especially in India, where it is making the lifestyle of working professionals easier to manage their homes.

A smart home can be defined as a home that provides various facilities to the homeowners such as controlling the lighting, heating and the electronics that are present in the homes with the ease of a smartphone or computer. The need for smart homes in India is increasing at a fast rate and home buyers looking to invest in a property that will offer them a high return of investment must know what are the various advantages of owning one.

RealtyNXT explains in details the various benefits of buying a smart home.

1. Easier Management

One of the most important advantages of living in a smart home is that it becomes much easier and convenient to manage one’s home as most of the devices inside the house are connected through one interface and thus home management becomes a seamless task for the homeowners. Even users who are not very technologically inclined can use it easily due to the user-friendly features of the app that controls the smart home. This is one of the primary reasons why smart homes are gaining popularity. The facility to manage the house with the help of a single click makes it ideal for the lifestyle of people of the current era.

2. Increased Security

Unlike ordinary homes, smart homes offer better security to the people. This is because a smart home can detect when there is a gas leakage in the house or the entry of an unauthorised person or visitor. This prevents any acts of robbery or fire in the house which is otherwise not possible in a traditional home. A smart homeowner can even receive security alerts or monitor devices and other things inside the house in real-time from either inside or outside his home. 

3. Maintenance

It is much easier to maintain smart homes than in traditional homes. Smart homes make sure that water and electricity are used less and thus it helps to keep a check on the utility bills. Thus it helps to bring down the expenses of the homeowner. These homes also use smart building materials and architectural design which makes sure that the homeowner can maintain his home easily and does not need to repair damages frequently. 

4. Better Functionality

A smart home makes sure that all the electronic appliances in the house function in such a way that it makes the life of the homeowner much better and executes things faster. For example, a smart home will make sure that the smart TV in the house will help one to find better channels or the smart oven will make sure that it bakes the food as per the required temperature to make it more delicious. Smart homes with a home theatre will make sure that it plays in a way that the sound system made compatible with it gives an output for the best viewing experience. Thus the overall customisation of the appliances according to the preference of the homeowner is possible only in a smart home.

5. Resale Value

As smart homes offer various types of features as compared to traditional homes, a home seller will get a better price for his smart home than other types of homes. The automated systems that are incorporated in smart homes which makes the life of its residents much easier increases its value and thus while reselling it, the home seller can attract more customers due to its features and even sell it at a higher rate. 

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