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68% Data Scientists use Python Programming Language, 56% Prefer Tableau for BI: Data Science Skills Study 2019



BENGALURU, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Advances in analytics and machine learning have impacted every function across BFSI, e-commerce, healthcare, retail and IT industries. To take a deeper look into the key trends related to tools and technologies deployed across sectors and how companies are staying ahead of the pack, Analytics India Magazine, in association with Imarticus Learning, took a deeper dive to find out the tools and techniques used by data science and analytics professionals. From language to coding and hardware accelerators, they garnered interesting and insightful answers from the comprehensive survey.


The report titled, Data Science Skills Study 2019, is aimed at IT decision-makers, business leaders, analysts and recruiters who need to meet the growing talent demands. With India Inc undergoing a massive transformation, meeting the talent demands of the future is the key priority for business leaders. IT decision-makers are looking for a newer set of skills such as machine learning and automation. 

Key Highlights From The Report Are: 

  • Python continues to be the most popular language in the industry in 2019 with its popularity growing to 68%. Last year, 44% of the respondents had said it was their preferred language
  • 56% of the respondents said that they preferred to use Tableau as a dashboard or visualisation tool
  • Another significant change seen this year is the increase in the use of GPUs at work. While most of the data scientists still use PCs and similar models, the second-favourite product is Nvidia GeForce GTX 9 Series GPU. The number of people using it has grown from a mere 8% last year, to 28% in 2019
  • In terms of cloud as an infrastructure model, a majority of the respondents have said that they preferred Amazon Web Services. However, its popularity seems to have dropped slightly, since the numbers have gone down from 45% to 43%

Bhasker Gupta, CEO, Analytics India Magazine said, “Through this report, it is clear that technologically-forward organisations are now looking for two types of professionals – specialists and generalists. With data literacy becoming crucial for all roles and profiles in organisations, recruiters are now clearly looking for employees who are tech-savvy, have a thirst to continuously upskill and have a wider business-oriented perspective.”

“What we have observed is that there is an urgent need to significantly broaden the technological skills and build more cross-disciplinary talents that include knowledge of programming, business analytics, data science and AI. That’s where educational stakeholders are playing a key role in plugging the talent gap.”

Nikhil Barshikar, MD, Imarticus Learning, said, “The Data Science Skills Study 2019 aims at understanding the data science landscape, the programming languages that are in demand, and the tools and technologies that are reshaping businesses as we know them.”

“During the period under review in this report, Python has emerged as the most popular programming language for data scientists, while Logistic Regression is the data science method most used at work. More than half of all data scientists reported that Tableau is the primary tool for Data Visualisation, an integral aspect of story-telling with data science.”

“With these and other new-found insights that stem from this report, aspiring data scientists will be equipped to upgrade their skills with a cutting-edge industry-aligned Data Science course. This will help streamline their career trajectory and realign their learning to become industry-equipped data science professionals.”

About Analytics India Magazine 

Analytics India Magazine is the premier source of analytics and data science-related information and chronicles the technological progress in the space of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science and big data by highlighting the innovations, players, and challenges shaping the future of India through promotion and discussion of ideas and thoughts by smart, ardent, action-oriented individuals who want to change the world.

About Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is India’s leading financial services and analytics professional education company. The company assists individuals and large organisations in meeting their human capital and skillset requirements through a range of bespoke programmes delivered through both online and classroom learning. Imarticus has educated 30,000 individuals globally and has also emerged as the preferred skill development partner for 200 firms, which include leading global and domestic banks, consulting, technology and analytics firms.

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Meghna Bhardwaj
Analytics India Magazine Pvt Ltd


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