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MGM considering sale of Springfield casino’s real estate

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MGM Resorts is considering whether to sell its Springfield casino’s real estate, a move it says would help free up cash while allowing it to continue operating the $960 million facility it opened just a year ago.

Such a deal would follow similar decisions made by the company, including MGM’s $4.25 billion sale last month of the real estate where its Bellagio resort in Las Vegas is sited. The company is also considering a comparable deal for its signature MGM Grand in Vegas this year, which would leave the Springfield site as its last wholly owned US casino.

MGM Resorts has been looking to cash out some of its assets and pay down debt. The company’s chairman and chief executive, James J. Murren, said on a recent call with financial analysts that it would soon be focusing on what to do with properties, including Springfield.

Source: The Boston Globe

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