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Technology is driving the future of interior design




Since time immemorial, the interior of a room has always been an important way for a person to showcase their individualism and to enhance their space.

From then on, there have been developments in style, functionality, and sustainability. Today, designing the interiors of a room or a house or even a building is done with assistance from several technological advancements

Some of the greatest technological advancements in the interior design industry are as follows – 

Technology Advancements

When it comes to incorporating technology into the interior design process, the industry is now fully immersed in it and uses technology to enhance the space we live in. 

Building Management System

If designed and programmed correctly, the Building Management System (BMS) will bring the interior design one step closer to dummy-proofing their client’s lives. 

BMS is an all-encompassing control framework that is answerable for the programmed regulation and control of non-GMP office subsystems, keeping up predefined parameters and the control of their component. 

Today’s BMS systems go beyond turning on and off lights. They anticipate the user’s needs and adjust to the changing situations. The BMS system can monitor, report and provide operations trends and history, 

Smart Speakers

Currently, the market is filled with a variety of smart home devices designed to elevate and enhance lifestyles. 

Leveraging IoT and voice-recognition, a smart speaker offers interactive and hand-free actions. The main USP with voice-activated products is that they use one of the most natural human behaviours of commanding and interaction. 

A smart speaker is a type of wireless speaker, which works with the help of voice-recognition. These smart speakers include Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. 

Color Temperature Tuning

Home lighting design is the one aspect that brings all other interior design elements together. Now it is possible to enhance the ambiance and bring out the stylistic features of a home by adjusting the light temperature. Every light bulb has a color temperature that can influence the tone of the room. Changes in color temperature affect the feel of the room: 

• Natural Lighting–The ‘cooler’ temperature of the morning promotes activity while the ‘warmer’ temperature of the sunset offers a relaxing feel. 

• Cool Lights – Recreate the natural light cycle with artificial lights. Ideal for waking up and for doing detail-oriented activities. 

• Warm Lights – Gives an earthier and romantic feel to a particular space. Ideal for winding down and encourages sleep and relaxation. 


Can you imagine a world in which every light in our homes, cars, and streetlights could connect you to the Internet? Li-Fi, also called Light Fidelity, is high-speed, fully networked wireless communications. In simple words, Li-Fi is Wi-Fi-based technology. 

Li-Fi is also secure, considering light cannot go through opaque objects; Li-Fi can be accessible only to the people inside the room or building. Li-Fi is also available wherever there is a source of light, which means high-speed data transmission can be available at any place such as home office and public places. 

The Future Is Nigh

Thanks to the advent of technology, the interior design industry is evolving at breakneck speed. This pace forces interior designers to embrace new ways of operation. Technology is ever-changing and the designers and architects at Infinity Architect and Interior Designers are constantly finding new and interesting ways to make our clients’ lives better.

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