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OfferBarn released an updated version of its software

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Red Barn Real Estate CEO developed a web app for accumulating and comparing iBuyers, cash investors and open market transactions

Alpharetta, Georgia-based OfferBarn has released an updated version of its software, a web-based solution for helping agents compare iBuyer offers for clients.

The product was initially released in early 2019.

Led by Red Barn Real Estate president and CEO Scott Martineau, OfferBarn, via “virtual assistant,” helps agents solicit offers from online volume homebuyers, as well as qualified private cash buyers.

Collected offers are then presented to the seller in a number-by-number layout against the expected price of hitting the open market.

The software also includes custom landing pages for agents to use as lead generation tools.

OfferBarn also analyzes offers from local iBuying programs and those offered by national real estate brands, such as Redfin (which has partnered with Opendoor) and the Offerpad-backed Keller Offers.

OfferBarn’s analyzer automatically ranks which offer is most beneficial to the seller and shows how much money each iBuying alternative is leaving on the table in contrast to a traditional market sale.

In a press release, the company states its intent is to help agents help their sellers make sense of the increasingly digital real estate market. It sees full offers as the next evolution of internet home valuations, made popular by Zillow’s Zestimate tool. It’s also about transparency.

“OfferBarn uniquely positions itself as a new layer of technology for agents and brokerages to take the lead in generating seller leads, managing multiple offers,” Martineau said. “It’s giving sellers the clarity they deserve.”

Source: Inman

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