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Minimalistic Modern Furniture That Gives Your Rooms More Space



Going minimalistic and avoiding a cluttered look can be quite a challenge.

Over the years, many of us have accumulated tons of belongings that seem to have a mind of their own! Paring down your furniture to practice minimalism is not easy; and yet this simple way of living can give you great joy, quite unlike anything you’ve ever known. Not only does minimalistic décor free up your spaces, it also creates the illusion of expansive living. 

Curious to know how you can pull off a minimalistic theme in your home?  Let’s take a look at how these designers have put it all together.

Get Rid of Excess

Pare down your belongings to the basics, and get rid of any superfluous items to create this sophisticated look. Spindle legs in metal are a favourite of minimalistic designers everywhere and this living room is no different! All the furniture is sleek and extremely functional, with white and black being the predominant colour palette. 

Minimalistic All the Way

This villa symbolises minimalistic living, with the standout staircase stripped down to the bare bones of its structural elements. The barely-there furniture defines the spaces and follows the same starkly functional theme. An expanse of glass in the curtain wall, and the clean lines of the décor emphasize the openness and create the illusion of endless space.

Clean Neutrals and Sparse Décor

This neat as a pin bedroom has minimalism at its heart.  With nothing else to distract the eye, you can slip into relaxed oblivion at the end of a tiring day. The modern pendant lights can be focused in different directions to create warm pools of light at night time.

Barely There Bathroom

Ever wondered how to incorporate minimalistic décor in the bathroom? This designer has all the answers. Sleek metal frames on the mirror match the shower partition, while the sumptuous tub is the only sign of decadence in the otherwise stark interior. Minimalism advocates the use of wood in its natural beauty, without any unnecessary embellishment, and the basins on a wooden table with trestle legs highlight this concept.

Form Meets Functionality in this Kitchen

Black cabinets make a bold and classy statement in this modern kitchen, adding a theatrical touch. The clean lines are perfectly matched and balanced and pair well with the wrap-around white marble countertop. We love the designer chairs in white wireframe that are drawn up at the breakfast counter! The black and white canvas accentuates the simplicity of the design theme.

Beautiful Imagery with Silhouettes that Inspire

Minimalism inspires furniture innovation, with this sinuous and stylish chaise lounge being a case in point! The slender outline of the recliner follows the natural curve of your body, allowing for the most comfortable TV viewing. The long and straight lines of the starkly functional TV unit are in stark contrast, making an interesting aesthetic.

Retro- Inspired Metal Frames

Simple metal frames form the structure of this set of minimalistic furniture comprising a table, pot holders and a storage unit. These pared-down items exemplify simple living at its most basic.  The bare exposed brick wall adds a much-needed textural relief to the space.

Minimalism is here to stay. In the chaos of our everyday lives, choosing this décor theme can transform your home into an oasis of calm and serenity. Less is, indeed more; and streamlined furniture like this gives even the smallest room more space! Do you really need any more reasons to embrace this lifestyle?

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