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Here’s How You Should Sanitize Your Home Interiors During the COVID-19 Crisis



The menace of COVID-19 has blown the minds of many healthcare professionals and governments. It was soon detected as a threat but no one imagined it would cause as much destruction as it has.

With the lockdown in place to ward-off this pandemic, people are cooped up in their home. But staying inside doesn’t automatically guarantee safety. You may still have to go out to get the essentials like groceries and medicines. Therefore it is important to make sure that you take a disciplined approach towards your health and hygiene – even when you’re inside the house. Given below are a few guidelines to ensure that your house remains squeaky clean and sanitized.

Regularly clean living room and other circulation areas

Areas that serve as the conduit between your house and the outside world and areas where most of the family members are present all the time need special attention and care. Cleaning the foyer (entryway), the living room and other circulation areas of the house regularly with clean water and soap or detergent lessens the risk of having a stray COVID-19 strain inside the premises. So clean your house regularly with a disinfectant. If the shops near your house are all out of stock, you can also use spirit – which is readily available at dispensaries, and is also cheap.

Sanitize surfaces that might be potentially contaminated

Sanitization is a must to keep the virus at bay and in order to sanitize, you can add use a diluted bleach solution, which is easy to prepare at home. Before cleaning the surface, however, make sure that the solution is appropriate for the surface. 

If you’re not interested in making a bleach solution for yourself, diluted household bleach solutions are also available in the market. To use it, mix 4 tablespoons of bleach to approximately 1 litre of water. Take a sponge or clean rag and wipe the surfaces with it. Another way to sanitize your home is by using an alcohol solution. If you are going to be sanitizing with the alcohol solution, make sure that the composition of alcohol is 70% v/v. If these are not available on grocery or medical stores, you can buy them online. 

Generally, light switches, tablets, chairs, doorknobs, handles, and taps that come in contact with your hands the most. Clean and sanitize these objects and surfaces as often as possible. Do not use water directly on light switches. You can use alcohol-based wipes to clean them. Using water can cause an electrical short-circuit and you may receive a fatal shock as well. 

Wear Gloves 

It does not hurt to go an extra mile if it ensures your safety as well as the safety of your loved ones. So stock up on rubber or latex gloves, it is preferable to use disposable ones, but washable ones do just fine too. Wear them while cooking, washing, sweeping, dusting and doing the laundry. If they’re disposable, discard them in a waste bin with a closed lid. If they aren’t, you can disinfect them by leaving them for 20 minutes in a solution of vinegar and water, then patting them and drying afterwards. 

Do the laundry often

Let’s face it. If it’s one household chore that no one wants to do, it’s the laundry. Many of us simply use laundry services for that purposes, but courtesy of lockdown, that option is off the table. Not that it would be a good idea to send your clothes in a laundry in this kind of a situation. 

Tedious as it might be, try doing laundry as often as you can. Clothes can get contaminated very easily and therefore they need to be cleaned regularly as well. 

Wash your hands as much as you can 

Healthcare experts have identified that one of the easiest ways that COVID-19 is finding its way into our bodies is via our hands. According to several surveys, an average human touches their face more than 500 times in a day! The action is often so subconsciously done that we hardly even notice. This, however, really increases the risk of contamination. So even if you think you have the best of self-control and can refrain from touching your face, still wash your hands regularly with a germicidal soap. If it is feasible for you, you can also keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket to skip a trip to the wash basin. Maintaining proper hygiene and staying sanitized is important. It just needs a little bit of diligence and dedication – which comes by taking the issue at hand seriously. Stay safe. Stay sanitized!

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