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Real estate developer shares affordable housing vision



Clay Grubb, CEO of Grubb Properties, today announced the publication of Creating The Urban Dream: Tackling The Affordable Housing Crisis With Compassion. 

America faces an affordable housing crisis. “We now find ourselves in a period with tremendous demand for new housing but with little production, something that, to me, just feels downright un-American,” he said. “We must face this problem with a balance of compassion and competence.” Rather than relying on the policies of the past, Grubb believes the solution will require the piecemeal contributions of many — including the public sector, private developers, financial institutions, and community leaders — to find creative solutions. 

In Creating The Urban Dream, Grubb offers his ideas for concrete solutions working to rebuild the current system as something better for those who work within it, for the developers hoping to be part of the solution, and for anyone looking to understand how we got to this point.

From the history of the crisis to today’s practical realities and the stories of those on the front lines, Grubb’s book sheds a light on America’s issues with affordable housing and provides paths forward.

Experts across industries are already praising Grubb’s book. Erika Poethig, Chief Innovation Officer of the Urban Institute, said, “Clay’s passion for housing and why it matters imbues every page and will energize the reader who wants to do more to solve housing affordability challenges.”

About Clay Grubb

Clay Grubb has been CEO of Grubb Properties since 2002. Under his leadership, Grubb Properties successfully transformed from a family-owned business to an employee- and board-owned company. Clay has also been involved in a number of initiatives to enhance the communities and environments where Grubb Properties operates. He serves as chairman of the Grubb Real Estate Preservation Foundation, which focuses on land preservation.

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