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Technology Unveils Virtual Marketplace

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Mike Smith and Leo Poggione, President and Vice President, respectively, of the Nevada Housing Alliance today unveiled a state of the art online virtual marketplace of prefabricated homes available in the Silver State.

The platform allows Nevada consumers the capabilities to browse manufactured homes for sale online.

The Nevada Housing Alliance is a business trade group that represents manufacturers and retailers of and lenders for manufactured homes in Nevada. Its new website, will allow people shopping for a home to learn more about Nevada manufactured homes, view floorplans, get price quotes, find lenders and even take 3-Dimensional tours of new homes available for sale. 

“As someone that sells homes to the general public, I’m very excited for Nevada’s consumers to be able to go online and virtually experience the quality of today’s manufactured homes,” said NHA President Mike Smith, who is also the General Manager of Clayton Homes of Carson City. “The virtual shopping place for homes is no longer some future pipe dream. For Nevada, it’s happening now,” added NHA Vice President Leo Poggione, who also owns Craftsman Homes with locations in Sparks, Silver Springs and Winnemucca.

The members of Nevada Housing Alliance are dedicated to providing safe, affordable, high-performance homes to individuals and families in communities across Nevada. NHA supports our members with training, continuing education and information — ensuring that the people who design, build, install, sell and finance manufactured homes have access to the best industry practices available.

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