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Emerging Trends In Smart Home Technology, Embracing The New (Ab)normal



The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the health of the world population while engulfing the global economies.

This fight has exposed the system’s loopholes, demonstrating the need for normalization of technological perks in the construction industry. The myriad possibilities of building automation welcome a safer future. Building automation technology is projected to play a significant role in encompassing a contamination-free environment in buildings.

This advanced technology, which is formerly restricted to niche industries and residences, shall now be an integral part of public spaces, commercial hubs and even in the small-scale residential projects. The hygienic interior guidelines that were merely a luxury in the past are now the mandatory protocols of the construction industry.

The automation market of today is aiming at absolute touch-free functioning of day-to-day activities, as the investors understand the immediate necessity of effective building automation. This revolution brought a myriad of new trends into the construction realm, which includes automated domestic help, adjustable interior temperatures, facial and voice recognition etc. 

Subsequently, lights that are programmed from your phone, automated window blinds, and video doorbells are all good as they help in creating a comfortable and safe home. But home devices or appliances don’t become smart simply because they are plugged into the internet. The correct term for the technology we’d see today would be “connected home’. This term is set to change over the coming years, as more and machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and other technologies that are capable of thinking, learning and making decisions will be directing the functionality of modern devices. We will also see more refrigerators that use computer vision to “view” what’s inside and machine learning algorithms to predict the quality and condition of the food products while maintaining hygiene. 

Besides the automation that serves one’s routine, there is a rising need for integration of workspace at home. Fabricating an intact communication at home, the new trends offer at-home conference, control and contact of various devices, automated communication systems for a company etc. Additionally, there are several acoustic panels and noise insulators available on the market that help to accentuate the telephonic communication within a room. Working professionals need to have space properly insulated or at least have no elements that can cause background noise. 

Owing to the current automation technology, many companies had been able to sustain their economy, despite these challenging times. With some improvements and adjustments, automation technology holds a crucial role in the near future.

By Alok Hada, Director, Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd. 

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