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TowerHouse Launches For U.S. Homeowners

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on fills an important gap in the consumer proptech and fintech digital landscape, which is particularly needed in today’s uncertain economic environment.

TowerHouse, Inc., a leader in digital solutions for homeowners, has launched a fully integrated home management platform,, the only free, all-in-one solution that helps homeowners effectively manage their home. For the first time, homeowners can quickly gain comprehensive financial visibility and control over their home in a private and secure online environment. fills an important gap in the consumer proptech and fintech digital landscape, which is particularly needed in today’s uncertain economic environment. While billions of dollars have been invested in digital solutions to help people manage personal asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, and insurance policies, the home, as an asset class, has been largely ignored. Yet, home is typically people’s single largest financial asset and source of wealth and U.S homeowners are sitting on over $6 trillion in unmanaged home equity.

“ gives homeowners the individualized information they need to make better decisions and maximize their financial outcome,” said Daniel O’Toole, founder and CEO, TowerHouse, Inc. “Where proptech and fintech have traditionally focused on automating real estate transactions, is empowering homeowners with valuable and unbiased financial insights across all phases of the homeownership lifecycle and reshaping how they approach and engage in the marketplace.” 

“Digitally enabling the homeownership journey continues gaining momentum as a nascent proptech segment and we see this as a promising area of growth and innovation,” says Drew Meyers, founder & CEO of Geek Estate, a leading U.S. real estate think-tank. “Technology is stimulating new ways for homeowners to engage the marketplace which creates a unique opportunity for real estate services companies to calibrate more innovative customer retention and expansion strategies. is making strides toward capitalizing on this emerging proptech agenda.”

With comprehensive nationwide coverage, over 120 million U.S. homeowners can immediately begin tracking their home equity, home value trends, mortgage payoff and refi options, and ROI on home improvements, among other key financial information. Users can also access robust calculators, such as the Home Sale Outcome Calculator which helps users independently maximize the proceeds of their home sale by creating side-by-side comparative home sale scenarios.

About TowerHouse

TowerHouse, Inc., headquartered in Natick, MA., is a leading fintech and proptech company that is creating a new generation of digital homeowners through its flagship integrated home platform, It invests in and builds scalable technology solutions from the ground up that gives homeowners a strong digital foothold to maximize their real estate investment and build leverage across the consumer finance ecosystem. TowerHouse, Inc. is led by an experienced team of real estate business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and consumer product professionals. 

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