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Rajasthan RERA Makes Owners Of Land Answerable To Home Buyers



To get lucidity in the land affairs, the Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) designated a   meaning to word ‘Promoter’ to maintain a strategic distance from debates in joint development ventures.

In the wake of watching a pattern, that in the greater part of the occasions builders are being pronounced the blamed, the landowners stay out of the scene, the RERA in its ongoing request has fixed the responsibility and risk of the landowners who will go under the ‘promoter’ classification, according to the late laid rules.

The authority has further gone a step ahead and explained the job and status of the landowner in the entire mechanism. 

In situations where a landowner is treated as a promoter, he will be mutually subject for the capacities and duties of the promoter under the Act to the degree of his capacities and obligations under the improvement understanding. In the effectively enrolled ventures where the landowner has been recorded as co-promoter, the landowner will be treated as promoter relying upon his job in the undertaking as expressed in the advancement understanding. 

There are landowners who take a portion of the developed territory and sell them all alone. It’s a typical practice in the city that the developers and landowners go into understandings where the manufacturer takes 60% and the landowner takes 40% of the developed zone and sells them independently. Since, the builder is enrolled under RERA, the land proprietor sidesteps from all attributable risk and responsibility. To address this issue, the order comes in to provide an equitable regime. 

For the tasks to be enlisted, the authority has evacuated the term co-promoter in the online application structure for enrolment of undertaking and new segments to be specific engineer promoter, dealer promoter and the landowner are to be presented. The position will presently have forces to hold the defaulters. There have been occurrences where landowners take cash and departure.

The authority has additionally expressed that the landowner is excluded from the meaning of promoter as given under the Act, hence he need not really be treated as promoter and the terms of advancement and understanding executed between the manufacturer and landowner will administer whether a landowner will be treated as promoter or not. Regardless of the reality whether the landowner is treated as promoter or not, the whole deal continues of the venture including landowner’s segment should be directed through the different RERA assigned record as required under Section 4(2)(l)(d).

In the recent horizon, the real estate industry has been doomed. While market regulators like SEBI and RBI have been seen to actively mitigate the distress caused due to the COVID crisis, the RERA has failed to at the least, gauze a direction for easing the situation. Builders, leaving homebuyers at their plight have ingeniously manipulated the authority to bid outcomes in their favour.

The need for digitisation in contemporary times has become beyond essential. The incomplete website, rare and scattered project information and regulatory lethargy are the cherry on the cake, making it more difficult for homebuyers to make way for an efficacious remedy.

The alibi of lack of powers is a bizarre argument from a regulatory body vested with statutory force failing to implement basic provisions. The homebuyers’ community has been left in disdain and deceit being left at the mercy of the bungling regulator. As a silver lining of hope, the recent order reinstates faith in the operation of RERA for the cause of all homebuyers fooled and the entire ordeal caused by promoters and builders.

By Sonam Chandwani, Managing Partner, KS Legal and Associates

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