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Private Gardens And Decks Have Become An Essential Need Of Home Buyers Post-COVID 



With the world progressively adapting towards the post Covid-19 lifestyle, consumer needs are also showing a notable shift.

The pandemic has significantly enhanced the prioritization of spend for first home ownership and with low-interest rates people are increasingly opting for buying over renting homes. As spending time at home has increased in post-COVID, this is leading home buyers to re-think the things they want in their homes. 

Home seekers are now looking for enhanced safety (Gated communities with Multi-tier security), spaces for indoor and outdoor fitness pursuits, ease of access to all essential services at walkable distances and WFH support. There is a rising demand for bigger homes and fresh air and ventilation. Continuous lockdowns have created the need for open spaces both inside and outside living areas as people have been caged up for long. Buyers are preferring to stay in homes with private open areas like balconies or decks along with spacious outdoors like gardens, which allow individuals to stay in a cleaner, greener environment.

Fulfilling all these consumer requisites, buying homes in Thane has become a ubiquitous choice. Its ascendancy as the most sought-after destination for homebuyers in MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) is backed by rapid growth in infrastructure and price appreciation over the past decade. The relative affordability of Thane micro-market has also been an important reason behind residential real estate growth. Owing to the enhanced connectivity and an unparalleled integrated infrastructure, which will get even better with the upcoming metro network, Thane is booming as a smart city and a commercial hub. Its proximity to various Mumbai Suburbs and availability of more open, de-congested spaces makes Thane very attractive to live in. 

Thane has been witnessing homes that are designed to fulfill homebuyer’s needs in the new normal. Homes with private gardens and decks for those who want to reconnect with nature and enjoy the outdoors from the safety of their homes. Decks are becoming an integral part of one’s home because it provides open space to unwind within your home setup. Apart from being work-from-home ready, homes at Thane’s best residential developments provide many outdoor spaces and fitness options for maintaining a good physical & mental health while following adequate social distancing. Meeting the requirement of space, the city peripheries are the best option as they provide more de-congested residential housing and open spaces.

The post COVID world will continue to bring behavioural changes in homebuyers’ demands and we need to optimistically use the learnings to provide the World’s best and finest for the customers. 

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