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Decoding Indian Realty’s Digital Journey




Digital Marketing, lead generation, brand building, social media presence these are some of the buzz words that one keeps hearing nowadays all the time especially when it comes to real estate. So what exactly have these things done for the Indian real estate industry?

RealtyNXT spoke to industry insiders exclusively for its new series “a closer look at the future” to bring first-hand information about everything related to the digital real estate marketing and much more. Read on for excerpts:

A digital presence and communication have become a game changer for the real estate industry especially during the lockdown thanks to coronavirus. We asked the industry experts to weigh in on how digital marketing is helping in their growth story, the ideal digital platforms for lead generation, the media mix that works best for them and their recommendation of the best digital agency for handling real estate.

Sumit Mody, Partner Raunak Group feels digital marketing has helped the industry target customers more scientifically. “It has also increased the number of channel partners associated with us,” Mody says. He goes on to talk about how this approach helped the brand grow. “Going digital has also allowed us to pitch or projects in a unique manner to buyers. It has helped the home buyers to gain a better understanding of the value proposition of the project. It has enhanced the overall buying experience,” Mody adds.

We point out that Raunak Group is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. “This is because different platforms have different types of users. So having a presence across the spectrum allows us to maximise our reach,” Mody says. Apart from having a website, Raunak Group also has an app. “We are one of the few developers to have an app. Our app not only helps us improve our lead generation, but it is also a useful tool for the homebuyers because they have access to the relevant information about the homes at their fingertips,” Mody adds.

Mody recommends digital agency Insomniacs for the ultimate real estate digital marketing experience. Mody says, “Since the last 4 years we have been working with Insomniacs. They really understand the digital landscape and the social media platforms really well. They have helped us improve our sales over the years.”

Yogesh Dhoot, CMO GERA Developments believes in the power and potential of digital marketing. “We are in the process of optimising the digital experience to give our consumers an exclusive end to end journey for a superlative consumer experience. We are future ready.” 

The House Of Hiranandani has always enjoyed a lion’s share of digital presence across all spectrum. Its Vice President Marketing Strategy, Prashin Jhobalia feels that this is because the brand has always prioritised digital marketing. Post the lockdown, he came face to face with the full potential of digital marketing. “While digital marketing has always been a very integral part of our entire marketing journey and our customer experience, in the last 4 months it has really helped us a lot when it comes to seamlessly integrating our content to what the customer requires,” Jhobalia says. He also points out that it is very critical that digital marketing is done in the right way. 

Karishmah Singh, VP Sales Marketing & CRM, Salarpuria Sattva gives a very interesting take on the real estate scenario of Bengaluru specifically. Singh says, “The real estate sector in Bengaluru has grown rapidly in the last few years. The working class here has a potential to buy and grow. More than 6 million people use the Internet here. When you have to interact with such a tech savvy base, evolving is a must. The digital platform gives you the ability to reach out to the exact segment you want to reach out to.” 

Singh praises digital marketing for the great cost effectiveness it provides as well as maximum generation of lead, timely reach out to customers as well as the ability to target specific customers. “This is the go-to medium across the globe,” Singh adds. 

Watch the complete interview in the video shared below.

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