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Exclusive Conversation With Elsie Larson, Founder Of A Beautiful Mess

We originally used A Beautiful Mess as a way to promote our local vintage store that we owned at the time. But we quickly found that readers were interested in the content we were creating but they were not as interested in purchasing vintage online.

Kritika Rawat



I am sure you all would have heard about sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. They started this amazing blog way back called A Beautiful Mess. I have been following them for a long time on Instagram and their blog is beautiful! They have covered every topic in their blog, from recipes to crafts which you can easily try at your home.

I have seen their journey from when they started their blog, and both of the sisters have created a huge empire which is inspiring.

They also help new bloggers by giving some kickass tips and guide them through everything, which I personally haven’t seen any blogger doing and in such detail.

I was looking forward to interviewing the sisters, and luckily I got hold of Emma. Emma has been very kind, we exchanged a few emails and she replied to the basic questions I always wanted to ask as their long time follower.

I love their work and I love how these independent women have pursued their passion for so many years and created this “Beautiful Mess” platform. The blog has developed over the years and it keeps inspiring so many people over time.

1. Tell us why you guys started the company and a little bit more about the mission.

We originally used A Beautiful Mess as a way to promote our local vintage store that we owned at the time. But we quickly found that readers were interested in the content we were creating but they were not as interested in purchasing vintage online. So, we decided to lean in to what was working and that’s why we started to invest more time into blogging and eventually that became our full time job and we ended up closing the vintage shop. This was bittersweet for us but we love blogging and all the opportunities it has brought our way so we feel very grateful. 

2.  How do you guys feel when you see the kind of impact you have on your fans especially on your women followers?

It’s amazing to see others use the content on our site to create craft projects, decorate their home or cook a new recipe. Seeing the work we created impact others is a huge honour!

 3. What empowers you?

One of our biggest influences is our mother. She was an art teacher while we were growing up and she encouraged us to be creative and also just enjoy the process of making. She is now an abstract artist and she sells most of her paintings online. Watching our mother enjoy her creative life empowers us to do the same. 

 4. Who are the influencers whose work you appreciate a lot?

We read way too many blogs and also magazines (which are basically the print version of blogs, right?). There are seriously too many to really count and it’s always growing, but here are a few accounts we follow on IG that have us super inspired all the time:







 5. Is there any upcoming project you would like to talk about?

We have a fabric line that will be launching this spring that we are really excited about!

 6.  How do you guys keep yourself inspired every day? Has there been any moment where you both didn’t feel motivated, felt monotony sinking in? If yes, how did you deal with it?

For sure! We all go through times when we feel less than inspired. One thing our mom taught us is that creativity (in any form) is a muscle. You have to exercise it so it can grow strong. I don’t know about you but I don’t always feel like exercising. Some days I feel like just being lazy. But if I exercise anyway it may not be my best ever but I will still strengthen my muscles. Creative work is the same, sometimes you just have to do it even when you don’t feel it and trust that you’ll continue to grow. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 


7.  And lastly, if you were given a chance to travel to the past, what trend or what would you have changed in ‘A Beautiful Mess’ blog.

That’s hard because honestly, nothing is ever going to be perfect and we’re so happy where we are that maybe we just wouldn’t change anything. But a few things that come to mind:

-start our newsletter much sooner, like years earlier than we did.

-get more invested in user experience of our website much sooner than we did.

-invest more in Pinterest and Instagram sooner (as a business, rather than just personally) 

I am so happy that I did this interview. I have always loved their journey. As businesswomen they are amazing and they make everything so creative that you end up gawking at some of their work and pictures. I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I did. Emma was approachable and sweet. And her responses make you understand why these women could make it to the top! Be creative and humble. That’s what I could take from such an amazing woman. 

Do check out their beautiful website and get inspired daily! 


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