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Wellness Travel Trends For 2021



People will travel to places that offer health and wellness enhancing opportunities and tourism will shift from simple spa and leisure travel to health and wellness-focused travel.

This is higher than the projected 6.4 per cent rate for the annual growth of overall global tourism.

As things gradually get back to normalcy, it is predicted that wellness is going to be a priority for everyone and people will plan their vacations around it. In the months to come, we may well see wellness tourism taking centre-stage.

People will travel to places that offer health and wellness enhancing opportunities and tourism will shift from simple spa and leisure travel to health and wellness-focused travel.

The anxiety and stress due to COVID-19 can be resolved with holidays in wellness-focused places which offer the essence of these holistic therapies and spirituality and well-being. Preventive healthcare is a good way to combat diseases.

More people are favoring a wellness staycation, there are new demands for immunity boosting retreats, socially distanced wellness trips, private jet wellness journeys and working remotely on holiday; personal health and fitness are now top priority for travel.

As a major hospitality group in the region, CG Hospitality is expected to strengthen the positioning and business of The Farm, both in the Philippines as well as in markets such as Europe, USA, India, Nepal and the Middle East, by bringing a range of talents and industry experts.

Rahul Chaudhary, MD & CEO, CG Corp Global & CG Hospitality Global, told : “The Farm at San Benito in its stride, is evolving to take over the world through its intrinsic philosophy promoting overall health and holistic well-being. It is the perfect confluence of healing ambience and atmosphere that instantly reinvigorates the senses. The constant urge to offer enhanced services and wholesome healing experience to its customers, imprints their hearts thus, leaving an urge to return. The Farm needs to be replicated across key global destinations to deliver on the ever-increasing predictions and trends around wellness. Making time to unplug is a higher priority than ever before and destinations that help achieve this balance like The Farm will be highly sought after.”

He further added, “Despite the pandemic borne obstacles, The Farm at San Benito was the first medical wellness resort in the country, if not in the world, to reopen last May 16, 2020 with necessary permits and continue its operations as a medical wellness facility. In spite of many challenges such as Taal Volcano Eruption, Covid-19 pandemic, and major typhoons, The Farm recover business through positive flow through – by reducing cost; increasing revenue for healthy profit margins.”

According to The Farm’s medical director, Dr Homer Lim, a certain population of people who developed Covid-19 infections will eventually have what’s now called the “Post-Covid Syndrome” or long haulers. They usually will have persistent symptoms even at 2 months from recovery. Most common symptoms are loss of taste and smell, fatigue, difficulty breathing, muscle and joint pains as well as digestive issues. With The Farm’s Covid-free healing environment, medically-supervised and science-based treatments, healthy vegan and nutritious meals and mindful movement activities — The Farm provides a holistic approach to help Covid-19 survivors fully recover and achieve their optimum health.

Source: IANS

(The story has been published from a wire feed without modifications to the text. Only the heading has been changed)

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