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Everything That You Need To Know About Your Living And Dining Room’s Vastu



Here’s everything that vastu shastra says about your living and dining room.

Living room and dining room, a place where your entire family spends the most of the time together, whether it’s hosting a party, having a meal or enjoying quiet time with each other, your living room and your dining room is always filled with energy.

To keep away the negative and fill your family experiences with positive energy, vastu plays an important role.

For health and success, it is vital to balance man-made settings with natural forces, according to vastu shastra principles. As a result, vastu guidelines can be used to arrange rooms and furniture placement in order to produce a smooth flow of energy throughout the house. The living and dining rooms, which are gathering places for the family, must be friendly, comfortable, and have a pleasant environment. Thus, by using these useful vastu guidelines, you may create a vastu-friendly space that will assist you in achieving your goal.

Living room arrangement and decor

The living room is usually closest to the main entrance or the foyer that leads into the residence in apartments. The main entryway should be spotless and well-lit. To bring prosperity, place a Buddha image bestowing blessings near the entry or a pair of elephant figures above the door. The location of your living room in the house is affected by the different directions. The drawing room should be located in the east, north-east, west, or north.

The foyer leading to the living room should be large enough to allow for easy entry into the area. Heavy furnishings should be avoided. The vastu Shastra is all about energy balance. The main door is a portal through which good fortune enters the house, and it should be attractive. So, some green plants, a small fountain, or even an aquarium can be kept to promote and boost the flow of energy.

How to place your furniture?

The appropriate furniture is an important aspect of creating a relaxing living environment. Heavy furniture, such as sofas, should be placed towards the room’s west or south-west direction, according to vastu shastra. Items like television sets and electronic equipment, on the other hand, should be maintained in the southeast. 

If your home is created with a combined dining and living room, the dining area should be on the east or south-east side of the room.

Which colors or designs to go with for your living room?

Colors have an affect on our mood, and when used in the appropriate way and in the right mix, they may create a welcoming environment. Off-white, pink, light yellow, and other relaxing colours are recommended for living rooms and dining rooms. Paint the walls yellow, saffron, or peach if the eating room is in the east. If you’re in the north, light green and blue are good choices. Open all the windows and make sure the room is sufficiently ventilated in the morning, as sunshine promotes purification.

What to keep in your mind?

  • According to vastu shastra principles, wooden dining tables are the best. 
  • Sacred symbols such as om, cross, swastika, and others can be kept as ornamental items to promote the free flow of positive energy into the living environment. 
  • It’s a good idea to hang a mirror in the dining room since it symbolises abundance by doubling the amount of food on the table. It also promotes the flow of energy.
  • The eating table should not be left empty, according to vastu shastra.  
  • Always keep a bowl of fruits, a jug of water, or some food items on the dinner table to attract good energy and success.
  • In the dining room, avoid utilising black and brown colours. 
  • Photos of ancestors should not be displayed in the north-east portion. 
  • Shoes should not be worn in front of the main door, which is the main conduit for positive energy. For footwear, closed shelves are far superior to open ones. 
  • Broken furniture, dustbins, and other items should not be kept in the living room.
  • Pleasant fragrances can lift one’s spirits and refresh a space. As a result, use natural flowers or fragrant oils to make your space smell good. Dried flowers should not be kept in the living room.

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