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Top 8 Ways To Decorate Your Pooja Room

The most pious, positive, and respected space in our households is the Pooja room.



The most pious, positive, and respected space in our households is the Pooja room.

A Pooja room in a home is one of the most important and auspicious places of Indian Hindu homes. This place can totally change the ambience of your home. 

The presence of the mandir itself highlights the aura of your home. Placing the idol in the right direction at home, selecting the right colours, selecting the appropriate pooja unit layout plays important roles.

Vastu also plays a crucial role while designing your pooja room at home. While planning your new home, always consider the important mandir direction. 

Following are the top 8 ways to decorate your pooja room:

1. Selecting Pooja Room Design: The available space for implementing the design, the shape of the design, budget, type of home you live in- big or small, location of your home are some of the factors that you need to consider while selecting the design of pooja room. You can place a marble, wooden cabinet or glass mandir in your  pooja room accordingly.

2. Avoid Clutter: A pooja room should have a peaceful atmosphere. Avoid cluttering the pooja room with too many images or idols as this will create a visual distraction and interfere with the calmness in the area. 

3. Using metals: Pooja rooms usually have metal accessories such as bells, plates and brass lamps, decorating the room with metallic colours can build up the look. However, avoid going overboard with the metal as it will overpower the room with its shine. Use sophisticated material such as decorative metal motifs on the door or metallic paint on just a small section of the wall.

4. Pooja room wall decoration: Use a mild color like peach,gold,white or light pink to paint your pooja room. You can also draw paintings on your wall or use wall stickers in them. Make sure to choose your wall sticker that matches your paint color. 

5. Light up your pooja room: Whether your pooja room is actually a room or housed in a closet, it should be well lit. Taking the time and effort to choose between a candle holder or an artistic lamp will pay off in creating the right ambience in a space that deserves no less. In a small area or a windowless room, spotlights can really make the area pop. In this granite-floored pooja room, spotlights light up the idols in a gentle glow and bounce off the shiny flooring, enveloping the space in an ethereal radiance. Light up the ceiling, add chandeliers to add light, use skylights where there’s no place for conventional windows.

6. Decorate the entrance:  You can add decorations to either side of the doors and to the threshold to further highlight the beauty of the room and make it more inviting. You can place a bronze or crystal vase of flowers on either side of the door, pin a flower garland over the top of the door frame, or pin firefly string lights up there.

7. Add cushions or stools for sitting or kneeling: Add cushions or stools in your prayer room so that while praying or meditating in your pooja room, you can sit or kneel comfortably. Also, add a low, wooden stool with a cushion on top, or you can add several round or square cushions that will be comfortable to sit on. You can also add a bright mat or carpet for people to sit on the floor while praying.

8. Accessorize the room: Place flowers and plants in vases and on the mandap, create a rangoli on the floor or in a water-filled vessel, use lace to accentuate walls and lights. Add mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

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