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About RealtyNXT

RealtyNXT is a prominent source for reliable information, trending news and latest developments revolving around the real estate industry. The voice that represents the digital transformation of the real estate sector, RealtyNXT was founded in October 2016 with the sole intention to deliver exclusively curated content for the real estate ecosystem. Ever since its inception, RealtyNXT has been engaging with real estate developers, marketers, agents and homebuyers with a broad spectrum of topics ranging from important regulations to property reviews. We believe that the digital transformation of the real estate sector is crucial and extensively focusses on the proptech boom. Having won the best real estate blogger of the year award, RealtyNXT strives to achieve more milestones with striking content in the future.

Why RealtyNXT?

The traffic of 1.5 lakh unique visitors and 3 lakh pageviews is proof of RealtyNXT’s continuous growth over the period of time. The website has emerged to secure a position among the most reliable real estate platforms. With a reach of over 20,000 email subscribers, RealtyNXT actively tracks breaking news on residential and commercial real estate.

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