RealtyNXT is the new and progressive job search portal, one that specializes in the real estate segment. The website is an umbrella solution for job seekers and job providers alike.

The real estate sector is the second biggest employer in India. It is expected to grow by 30% by the next decade. With such bright prospects, it is imperative to anyone who wants to work in this dynamic industry to begin working towards their goals promptly.

This is where RealtyNXT makes the process hassle-free for you. With just a few taps, you will be directed to the job that best matches your profile. We have collected and organized multiple job listings, allowing you to browse through several options.

A recruiter can write, edit and post a job on RealtyNXT via the dashboard, which is easy-to-use and uncluttered. One can even unpublish or remove an ad posting, or delete it in case the vacancy in your company is filled. You will receive a notification on your dashboard whenever a new application is made. An HR executive can view the received applications via the backend panel, by logging in to www.realtynxt.com. Moreover, you can do all of this for free! We do not charge anything for the first 10 jobs posted on RealtyNXT.

For job seekers, we have uncomplicated the job search process. One can enter relevant keywords into the search bar and get directed to the desired job listing. Or just click on the ‘Companies’ tab and browse through the job vacancies posted by the leading real estate companies. To apply for a job, you only need to fill a tiny form, attaching your resume and photograph right away. On successful application, you shall receive a confirmatory email.

Moreover, we have partnered with the stalwarts of the real estate industry, which makes it much simpler for you to realize your dream of working with the best in the industry.

So make sure your next click is on RealtyNXT, the next wave in the job portal domain.

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