I am not registered on the site. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply for the relevant job vacancies without being registered with realtynxt.com. However, soon we will make it mandatory to register before applying, which will give you a good interface to apply and check the status of your applications.

Why should I register with realtynxt.com?

The website, realtynxt.com, offers you an ideal job that is equivalent to your ambition towards the real estate sector. realtynxt.com enables you to access and apply to the best real estate firms. Get your CV viewed by over 500 recruiters. Currently, the registrations are not open to the public, but shortly you will be able to.

Is it compulsory to register with realtynxt.com to apply for a job?

No. It is not mandatory to register yourself in order to apply for a job via the realtynxt.com website. One can simply log in to the website, search for relevant jobs through the search bar, and can apply for one, instantly.

How do I search for relevant jobs?

Search gives you an option to look for relevant jobs based on your specific requirements. To search for a job, you can use the given search window (that includes keywords, location or category). It is recommended that you specify the criteria related to keywords & preferred locations precisely to access job search results which are similar to what you are looking for. In case, you get results running into hundreds, you can narrow down your search by filtering all the available criteria. In case of no results found, it is recommended that you may broaden your search by entering only a limited number of criteria.

How to search for relevant companies?

A job seeker can search for a suitable company by typing the name of the company in the search bar. Besides, one can go to the ‘company’ section of the website and search for the company one wishes to apply for.

What does the 'Category' option on the Homepage means?

The 'Category' allows you to refine your search by selecting a particular job profile that suits your job qualification. The option provides you with a comprehensive list of all the jobs that are available under the chosen category.

What does Location option on the Homepage means?

Location enables you to refine your search by limiting your job search to a particular city. Once you have selected a job location, the search result will reflect only those jobs that are based out of the particular location that you have selected.

How can I apply for a selected job?

Once you have selected the job/s that you want to apply for, you can click on the "Apply for Jobs" option. This allows you to fill the required personal details and your resume. Clicking on the send application button authorizes you to send your responses to the recruiters.

How to know if the job application was successful?

In case of a successful job application, you will be informed of the same through a confirmation email sent by us directly to your inbox.

How do I post my resume?

To post your resume on realtynxt.com, click on the company profile or search the post on realtynxt.com. This takes you to the next step of filling up your personal and professional details. These details are important information that the recruiters look for. Once you’ve completed this, your profile is registered with us. This is your default profile which is sent across to the recruiters when you apply for a particular job vacancy. We highly recommend you to fill out authentic information so that you present recruiters a resume that is complete and one that gets you the jobs you are looking for.

What documents do I need to apply for a job?

You need only two documents to apply for a job on realtyNXT: your latest resume (which is mandatory) and a passport size photograph.

At what location can I apply?

You can apply for multiple locations. The website also allows you to apply for jobs across India.

Can I apply multiple times for the same job?

Yes, there is no bar on applying for a job multiple times.

Can I apply for multiple companies?

Yes, you can apply for multiple companies at a time. All you need to do is to visit the 'companies' tab on the website and select all those companies you want to apply for, right away.

What type of resume formats are compatible for a job application?

The website, realtynxt.com, accepts resumes that are in doc., docx. and pdf format. Additionally, the maximum file size of your resume should be up to 2 MB only.

Does it cost to post my resume?

No, posting a resume on realtynxt.com is absolutely free for now.

When can I expect a response after a successful job application?

Once you have successfully applied for a particular job vacancy, any future correspondence towards the same lies solely at the discretion of the company.

How to write a testimonial?

An individual or an employee can write a testimonial and send it on jobs@realtynxt.com Once the email is received, we will upload it on the website.

Got a question?

Ask your query and get a swift reply. Drop an email us at jobs@realtynxt.com